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Today we’re joined by newbie blogger + very good friend of mine: Stacy Kinsey! Stacy and I met in our first year of university, lived together in our second and went to Hungary in our third, quite a strong track record!!

D: What is it you do on your corner of the internet?

S: My blog is still very new, so I’m still trying to find my feet with it. I’m looking to focus on blogging about the things that I enjoy such as clothes, beauty products and travelling. It’s all of the things that I enjoy reading about on other blogs, and it’s a good space to write about my experiences and ideas.

D: Can you tell me a bit about your offline life?

S: I’m a recent law graduate and I now work full time as a graduate paralegal in Wills and Probate. I’m really new to this job, as I only started before Christmas, but I’m really pleased to be making progress with my career. I do hope to become a solicitor eventually. With working full time, I don’t really have a lot of time for a hobby and I hate sports, so I started blogging again so I have something to do when not in work!

D: What inspired you to start creating content? And what has kept you going for so long?

S: My main inspiration for starting my blog was through reading other blogs and wanting a place to write about my own opinions and experiences. I often try to tell my parents and friends about them too but there’s only so much they’ll listen to. So I thought that by making a blog, I’ll have a space where I can post it online and hopefully people with similar interests will have a bit more time for what I have to say.

My blog is still very new, so it hasn’t been ongoing for that long at the moment. I did initially create it in 2014 while starting my second year at University. However I fell behind on work at University and put my blog on the back burner until I had more time to dedicate to it.

D: How do you tend to go about creating content?

S: Normally I plan a few posts ahead and start to collect all of the photography that I’ll be aiming to use. With travel posts all of the images are already taken so I normally have to sift through to find the best ones, then write about the experience.

With other posts that are more fashion/beauty related, again, I look to gather the images first of all, with an overall idea of what the post will be about. Once I have them, I then look to put the main text in. Often I’ll go back to a post a few days after writing it and change it before it’s posted.

D: What for you is the hardest part of creating content?

S: At the moment its finding time to do it. When taking photographs decent lighting is obviously very important. But right now, with it being winter, I wake up and leave for work when it’s dark, so I don’t have a good time to take photographs until the weekend.

In terms of writing, at the moment I still have lots of planned posts that I’ve already written, so I’m not stuck for any ideas yet.

D: What 5 influencers have had the biggest impact?

S: I would have to say that my favourite blog is Katelavie. I think anyone that knows me will know that I am very influenced by Katelavie.

I also really like thatpommiegirl, scarlettlondon, yasminchanel and ClothesEncounters too for blogging inspiration.

D: Is there anything your particularly proud of?

S: It’s still early days with blogging for me, so I can’t think of anything just now!

D: How do you find a balance?

Planning! And blogging is still a thing that I do for fun as a hobby in addition to my career. For now it’s an easy balance.

D: What would you say is your Hogwarts house?

S: I’d like to say Gryffindor, but maybe others would say Hufflepuff.

D: Do you have a favourite movie?

S: Maybe The Lion King, or Lady and the Tramp.

D: Do you have a favourite band or artist at the minute?

S: At the minute I am LOVING Ariana Grande. She’s always on in my car when I’m driving to and from work! I also really like DNCE and The 1975 at the moment!

Big thank you to Stacy for taking part! Make sure to check out her blog, Twitter and Instagram!

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