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Welcome to INTERVIEWED,  a series of interviews with people from all over the internet. Today we’re with my friend Jayka Ann!

D: The first question is: what do you do on your corner of the internet?

J: I talk anime, games, sewing and cosplay on my YouTube channel

D: Could you tell me a bit about your offline life?

J: I’m 20 and I work full time as a purchaser and credit controller for a company in Birmingham . I live a small town called Atherstone, in between Coventry and Birmingham.

D: I didn’t know that was your job, are you liking it?

J: I do like this job but it’s very hectic at the moment and I have probably too much on my plate so it can be rather stressful. I’m extremely lucky to be in this position. I get on really well with the 2 MDs and pretty much everyone.

However, I do feel like I have dived in to the full time work scene maybe a little quicker than I would have liked/expected. And the commute can be a pain

D: Ah yeah it’s one of those things isn’t it that it’s never fun to start, I’m starting proper full time for the first time next week [this interview took place many weeks ago now!] and not so sure how it’s gonna be!

J: I forget that I’m only 20 sometimes. I definitely feel older being there. Adulting is scary, so I use Jayka Ann as a way to stay young if you will.

D: What inspired you to start creating content and what keeps you going?

J: I’ve always wanted to be a YouTuber since I was probably about 15. I made numerous channels with friends but never posted anything. On my 19th birthday I got a sewing machine and I really enjoyed creating clothes etc. I watched YouTubers like Annika Victoria and coolirpa to learn sewing skills. I decided in January 2016 to start a blog/YouTube channel called Total Stitch Up.

After a while I decided I would be called Jayka Ann a nickname of mine. At the moment my channel isn’t how I want it, so there will be some changes coming up. My motivation is probably just meeting new people and doing the things I love outside of work etc.

D: Great answers! My channel has had a very similar origin story!

What is your creative process like? And what do you find the most difficult part of it?

J: I don’t think my channel is creative at the moment. I put all my creativity in my cosplay. Hopefully I will become more creative over time on my channel.

The difficult part is editing, I don’t enjoy it and it’s not something I want to get into after work. I also struggle with a schedule. I never plan a video, I tend to babble on. The videos I am doing at the moment i.e. unboxing tend to be unscripted, otherwise it’s no fun.

D: Is there a particular standout moment for you? Maybe something you’ve created that you are proud of specifically?

J: I was able to perform with Beckii Cruel and Kelsey Ellison at Hyper Japan! Also my Thor Cosplay. I didn’t film this, as I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing, but it turned out great!

D: How do you find a balance between your channel and your work and social life? It’s a very hard balance to find, especially as content creation takes much longer than people think!

J: It’s extremely hard! I try to do a video on the weekend and edit it in time for the next- this never pans out. I currently work on a laptop and this isn’t fun to edit on. Once my computer is built I should be able to find the time to balance things out and begin a schedule.

Doing the LoveJojo box definitely helps, as it secures a place.

D: Knowing you can always film that must take off some of the pressure.

J: Yes! I also have started small videos related to the Nintendo amiibo which are great channel fillers!

D: Do you have 5 influences who have had the biggest impact on you and your content?

J: Annika Victoria
Bermuda Rhombus

D: I don’t know all of those, so I’ll take your recommendation and watch them! I know Abi, she’s one of the nicest people.

What’s your Hogwarts house?

J: Slytherin till I die.

D: We are natural born enemies.

J: Because we are alike!

D: Do you have a favourite artist/musician/band currently?

J: I don’t surprisingly! I like all sorts. Maybe the old Blink 182 or perhaps Pierce the Veil.

D: And finally, do you have an all time favourite film?

J: It’s either The Little Mermaid, Shrek, Atonement or Pride and Prejudice.

Let’s go with Shrek because I laugh at Donkey every time and I probably know it word for word.

Thank you to Jayka Ann for taking part! Make sure to check her out on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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