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February 28, 2017

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The Quest for a Beard

My current facial hair in all it’s glory in my new city. London, aged 21.

Ah yes, the quest for a beard. One which most teenage boys tend to go on. Luckily during my teens I stayed staunchly clean shaven as I knew I couldn’t grow decent facial hair despite shaving from the age of 12/13, which I think is pretty young? It felt young anyway. I found a razor still in it’s packets in my dad’s cupboard and stole it. Mum, I know you’re reading this. This is me admitting to that crime a decade or so later.

I used to hate the fact I grew facial hair. I would shave everyday, despite the fact at 14 or so, I really didn’t need to. I think it was maybe something about wanting to stay young and a kidĀ forever. Oh lord was I not ready to be 17 and having a hairy chest and all.

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