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Oslo Part 5 – Akershus Castle and Fortress

 You’d be surprised by how quiet some streets of Oslo can be, it wasn’t unusual to walk the length of rather central streets without encountering anybody at all. Being used to Liverpool and London, this is bizarre.

The approach to Akershus is signified by the farmhouse-esque buildings. If you’re utilising the hop on, hop off bus like we did, this is only a short walk from one of the stops.

Entry is completely free and the grounds are beautiful.

Akershus is full of nooks and crannies, it’s almost a winding maze of a castle making it brilliant fun to explore.

That’s what you would expect of a fortress built in the 1290’s!

You can easily end up stumbling across views like this. I wonder if many of these areas were built as vantage points back when it was surviving a siege.

At this point I began to feel like I was in King’s Landing. The stonework and the fjord are kinda reminiscent to Dubrovnik, where much of Game of Thrones is filmed.

The Red Keep is a castle capable of surviving wars and sieges, there’s no wonder it feels so familiar.

You may notice there are only pictures of the grounds/outside of the castle. This is as entry was closed to the public, armed guards manned the doors.

Apparently the castle is sometimes open to the public, however the grounds are open until 9pm and there are some museums on site.

I presume it is often shut due to Norway’s Ministry of Defence having an office stationed there!

I wish you could go in, the fortress has also served as a prison. It would be really interested to have a poke around.

Many statues of small children are dotted about the grounds. Every single time I would think it was an actual child and lose all chill as I shat my pants.

Statues of little girls and this creep Last of Us-esque statue too…

These are all part of a larger sculpture trail featuring the works of British artist Laura Ford.

Following the main path will eventually lead you to a few very steep hills with sheer drops. The views are amazing.

Yet another unexplained dog statue, I’m sensing a theme here.

City Hall from afar. It towers over the surrounding buildings.

I wasn’t kidding about those sheer drops.

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