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Koh Phangan – Stockholm’s Glow in the Dark Thai Restaurant

Welcome to Stockholm, and the first of my posts covering my amazing weekend in this incredible city.

Not to be confused with Koh Phan Gan island, Koh Phangan is a chain of two restaurants/bars operating in Stockholm, serving amazing Thai food and great drinks all in a wild neon fantasy.

We visited the Sodermalm restaurant, but there is another in Ostermalm.

Awkwardly posing for the camera, but appreciate that decor! It was quite literally, lit.

Outside, there was snow 2ft deep in parts and the temperature was far below freezing, Koh Phangan know how to keep it warm.

I could have edited these pictures, but I chose to leave them as is because they’re the best representation of what it feels like to be in Koh Phangan. The UV paint creates a very strange atmosphere of lighting.

I’ve forgotten what exactly I had, yet another example of me being the worst blogger, however it was a spicy noodle dish full of veg and nuts.

Sarah had a spicy chicken curry, served on a leaf shaped plate with a leaf on top. Almost a sandwich.

And a final little tip, there’s a door at the top, those stairs don’t just continue forever. I was tempted to find out, thankfully I realised before venturing too far. Would have looked a right idiot.

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