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A Week a Londoner

Well by the time this is posted I’ll have been a Londoner for much more than a week, but ho hey I have a blog schedule to keep and this didn’t fit in right away!

Continuing swiftly on from last time:

The Tube costs more than I thought. I am constantly topping up my Oyster.

Still so convenient though, damn.

Sirens, sirens everywhere.

Chicken shops, chicken shops everywhere.

Hilarity had with the DLR conductor telling us all to get a nice lunch. Banter appreciated.

Trying to get into a cafe in a particularly touristy part of London on New Year’s Day?? Not happening bruv.

Ok so can people hear what I’m playing out of my headphones on the tube? I’m listening to podcasts and I don’t want people to hear.

We are all mad because train fare went up and London runs on trains. This is bad. To be fair this is bad anywhere and I was already pissed off because up North I rely on trains too. Just not quite as much.

I bumped into my housemate on the Tube. Same train, same carriage, only separated by the doors. Small world indeed.

London is sort of like any other city, at the same time it feels so much different.

Either way, London feels like home already.


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