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2016 in review: Instagram Best Nine

It might be a 2016 year in review in mid-January, but hey my blog schedule is busy between INTERVIEWED, X amount of time a Londoner and travel posts!

Let’s look back at my instagram best nine, which showcased some of my favourite moments of the year, even if it featured the least staged and edited of my pictures! I work hard on posting nice shots of landscapes and cities to instagram, but ho hey the ones of silly old me are the ones my friends like.

1) Greg Rutherford 

I dressed as Greg Rutherford this Halloween, as part of my ‘Inspiring Gingers Through Time’ Halloween 2016 theme. Greg himself approved of it, as did his wife Suzy, cheers for the support guys!

This costume involved a lot of masking tape, fabric tape and iron on transfer paper. It came out surprisingly well for a costume made of the shittest materials possible.

2) The dab

I posted a whole spiel with this insta about how this picture came out, for the shorter, not as a fun version, I dabbed as Amy told me to and the club photographer kept shouting ‘NO DABBING’

3) Stockholm Snow Boy

We visited Stockholm in November, whilst the city was experiencing some of the worst snow it had experienced in November for 100 years. We had a bit of a photoshoot in the snow using my trusty Calvin the Camera.

4) Vincent Van Gogh

My other ‘Inspiring Ginger Through Time’ costume was Vincent Van Gogh. This was a fun costume to make as it consisted entirely of things I already owned, including the sunflower.

5) S C O U S E  P O W E R 

Taken the same night as the dab. Couldn’t not pose with some SCOUSE POWER graffiti. Especially now that I’m the token Northerner in any circles I mix in in London.

6) Graduation

Yes, this is a genuinely nice one with people I love and all, back to me dressed as other gingers.

7) Obi-Wan Kenobi

I slept little and sewed lots for a long time resulting in this cosplay, it’s the best I’ve ever done. Fae made the armour and she KILLED IT.

8) Oslo Idiot

Surprise, surprise, I wore a black t-shirt, black jeans and black trainers and posed like a right dick somewhere publicly.

9) Liverpool

My favourite view in the city and one of my favourite places on Earth. I love Liverpool so much, I do miss it a lot being over 200 miles away. It does make me sad thinking that it’ll have changed so much the next time I go back, though Liverpool will always be what I consider home.

Even moreso as my actual hometown is too small for anyone down here to know, with Liverpool being the closest city, it’s easier to say that. I did live there for 2 years, and I consider it more a hometown than my actual hometown.

And that’s my top 9 for the year. See you in 2018 for 2017’s!

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