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Oslo Part 3 – Holmenkollen

Welcome to part 3, here’s parts 1 and 2.

Today we head to the Holmenkollbakken!

Not only is a ‘Hop On Hop Off’ tour a very easy way to see the sights, it’s good to exploit as a form of transport! You can hop on and hop off anywhere, after all! You might as well utilise it for getting you to where you wanna be.

We had a bit of  a stressful morning reaching it as the road the stop we would be joining at was closed. Like majorly, shut down for weeks, closed. We ended up seeing it in the distance at a different stop and having to run. Good memories.

And well, we hopped off! We decided to make an impulse trip up to the Holmenkollen.

Holmenkollen refers to an area of Oslo, but is more commonly used to refer to the large ski jump, the Holmenkollbakken! It’s very famous to winter sports enthusiasts, and is also known for it’s amazing views of the city and surrounding areas.

We took the metro on the Holmenkollen line up the hill! It was very difficult to work out the machine to get a ticket! This specific station had no attendants, only machines which didn’t take notes! Only coins or card! As tourists we didn’t have cards, and only a handful of coins between us, we just about managed to work it out.

The metro gets high very quickly! It didn’t take us too long, we were not as far from Holmenkollen as you can be, it only took us around 15 mins. I imagine from most places in Oslo you can reach Holmenkollen within 45 minutes.

The famed jump itself!

It’s another uphill walk from the station to the ski jump, most people seem to be making this walk, so either follow the crowds of the huge monument itself.

Nordic houses give some real Addams Family vibes, they’re so pleasant to look at.

You can walk down through the bleachers alongside the jump itself. It’s intimidating, you don’t really how sheer the drop is until you’re right up close.

The thought of going down that on skis is terrifying, not just because of the drop, but also because I have never skied in my life.

Walking beneath the jump itself! This is a necessity if you wish to see the view from the top.


The views aren’t too shabby from this point either.

I have no idea why this dog statue was here, but I’m more than okay with it.

People who shit on Pokemon Go, you all suck because I was learning a lot about Norway whilst playing, such as what this statue is!

Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat and Nobel Peace laureate Fridtjof Nansen!

It’s just hit me that this may be taxidermy and not a model. Oh no.

This is part of a small museum in the Holmenkollenbakken, your ticket includes that too, so you might as well take a short look around even if that’s not what you’re here for.

Especially as the queue for the viewing platform seems to fluctuate, we waited in a large queue for about 35 minutes, but when we came back down the queue was almost non-existent.

You can take a lift up to the top of the Holmenkollbakken, try not to think about the lift somehow breaking and plummeting to your death as I did. Heights don’t bother me, but my mind betrayed me in those moments.

You’re greeted by this incredible view immediately, the colours of the country are so vivid in Norway.

I’ve never seen water so blue!

You can zipwire down the ski jump! I didn’t, as it was expensive and Norway is a pricey country, I needed to budget! I ended up having enough money leftover to do it, of course I didn’t know at the time. I just need to go back and do it, it looked amazing.

After passing this, you can climb stairs to a small outdoor platform and take in all the views.

I include this to show how low the fencing was, and how high that girl on the other guy’s shoulders is!! She could have fell and died so easily! It terrified me.

In one direction there’s the city.

And in another there’s lush forest.

People had climbed high up on this pole to place stickers. I consider myself brave, but no way in hell would you catch me doing that over a huge drop.

Time to depart back down towards the city, for we meet again in part 4!

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