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My Year in Music

It’s time for all of that year end type stuff, and I’m kicking off with a short post on the music I’ve listened to this year. This isn’t my favourite, or what I consider the best, these are the stats Spotify e-mailed to me on my music consumption throughout the year.

Last year I made a post on my Spotify Year in Music, sadly they axed this featured for 2016. Everyone has been given a customised playlist (Spotify Wrapped), although today everyone should be receiving an e-mail containing some more stats! This seems to be in response to many, including myself, complaining about this year end feature compared to last’s.

This e-mail of stats isn’t much, but I’ll take it.

Top 5 Artists:

 1) Bastille (New entry) 

2) Sia (Last year:3)

3) Lady Gaga (New entry)

4) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (New entry)

5) Marina and the Diamonds (Last year: 2)

These 5 are some of my all time favourites.

Bastille I’ve gotten mega into this year, and they’re hands down my favourite band. I listen to them an absurd amount, I’ve seen them three times this year, and according to Spotify I’m in the top 1% of their fans. They have 7,000,000 monthly listens, and somehow I’m in the top percentile. I think I need to chill.

Bastille released their second album, ‘Wild World‘, a review of which you can read here.

Sia featured last year. Sia released the fantastic ‘This is Acting‘ at the start of the year, and more recently dropped a deluxe version of the same album. I saw Sia perform at V Festival, I think those two nights may have been her only public UK performances this year, so I’m bloody glad I got to see her.

Lady Gaga is the only artist featured I haven’t seen live, this year or ever. I’ve been a massive Gaga fan since the Just Dance days, and with ‘Joanne‘ coming out recently, I’ve been listening to her non-stop. Gaga is incomparable, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for her.

I reviewed ‘Joanne‘ also, you can check that out here.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a fantastic Japanese artist I became obsessed with in the lead up to my trip to Japan. She brought out a greatest hits album (‘KPP BEST‘) and performed for one night only in London. Kyary’s music and style are so unique, so interesting and so mesmerising that there is no wonder she’s on my top 5.

Marina and the Diamonds, as always, is featured. Marina is one of my favourite artists, this year I watched her perform live in Manchester for her Neon Nature Tour, just two months after seeing her in Manchester for her first Neon Nature Tour date. She’s a true performer, a true artist, and an all round cracking musician.

Last year Maroon 5, Florence and the Machine and Lorde all featured. They didn’t make it this year, however none have really brought out a lot of music this year. In 2015, I was massively into Maroon 5, Florence brought out an album, and I listened to Lorde as much as I normally do. I hope these guys make a 2017 comeback to the list!

Top Tracks:

1) Bastille – Send Them Off!

2) Bastille – Good Grief

3) Bastille – Blame

Yes, I love Bastille’s music a great deal.  Send Them Off! is a contender for my favourite song of all time. I love the Othello references and the heavy horns, all of it really. I remember being on a train and listening to this the day it came out, I knew immediately it was something special!

Good Grief I listened to a great deal leading up to V Festival, and let’s be truthful, a great deal since.

Blame is one of my favourite tracks from ‘Wild World’, it’s the next single, the video is coming in the next week!

 Last year I listened to 18,000 minutes of music this year, 465 different artists and 1,071 different tracks. This year I listened to 29,580 minutes of music, 565 different artists and 1,270 individual tracks!

And well, that’s all the stats we have! Some genre info, and that’s about all we got this year. Better than nothing I suppose.

Here are 2 of my Spotify playlists, the first is generated by Spotify with 100 songs I loved this year according to them! Although I wonder how the algorithm for this works, as the top 3 songs are not my top 3 played. I think there’s a cap on how many songs can be included by each artist, as many of my favourite artists had a similar amount of songs included, and a few tracks were major surprises.

 This one is my own playlist that I update every now and then with a few tracks I’m enjoying at the time.

See you at the end of 2017 for another look back!

Which all male band will I have obsessed with by then? 2015 was Maroon 5, 2016 Bastille, will 2017 be The 1975? Green Day? East 17? One Direction?

Only time will tell.

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