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20 Fenchurch Street’s Sky Garden

Posts on London are about to become more frequent with me moving there in two weeks time, so let’s kick these off with a post on an amazing attraction, the Sky Garden.

Located 155m up in 20 Fenchurch Street, the Sky Garden gives some incredible views of the capital.

The Sky Garden is a short walk from Bank station, so it’s incredibly easy to get to.

And it’s green as all hell.

This isn’t just a place to look at the sights, it’s a place to sit and relax with plants 155m up.

And there’s a tree named Dicksonia also.

I truly wish I’d brought my DSLR with me now, rather than my slightly beatup iPhone. This’ll do though, as London looks good through any lens.

HMS Belfast, the Mayor’s office and Tower Bridge can all be seen here.

The Gherkin, and that other building at the edge of Shoreditch that’s name I have never known.

You can just about see St Pauls, the BT Tower in the distance, and Barbican to the right hand side.

Canary Wharf way, way in the distance!

Sadly it was a bit smoggy, but this didn’t detract too much from the experience.

And a selfie for good measure.

To book a FREE visit to the Sky Garden follow this link.

Yes, the Sky Garden is completely free! I’ve never known an attraction like this to be free, but hey it is! Make sure to book well in advance because of this, you can book for up to 3 weeks ahead of your visit, and I suggest you book it as soon as you can!

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