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Reading, Read and To Read #4

Hello everyone!

It’s time for me to write my favourite blogpost of the month, I absolutely love writing these!! To set the scene, I’m sat on my bed watching the Kardashians as I type this. The Kardashians has become my ultimate guilty pleasure, and watching them in Thailand is making me want to travel so bad.

If you haven’t read one of these posts before, I talk about the books I have recently read, or that I am currently reading, or books to read, that list never seems to change, as I buy new books and read them first!

Here’s last month’s!

This month, we have no reading category- what a shock twist. I finished the book I was reading last night and haven’t started a new one yet! To me this was controversial, probably because I’ve aged 2,000 years recently. Earlier this evening, I pointed out how I loved the packaging of some korma sauce.

I’ve become lame.

Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants by Rob MacGregor – READ

Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils by Rob MacGregor – TO READ

Ah, my favourite throwaway book series. 

Dance of the Giants was a fun read, especially as it’s set in the U.K. However the author was clearly American as he kept referring to ‘blocks’ of buildings when that isn’t really a thing in the UK. Especially in remote Scottish villages. But I digress, I enjoyed the book, although it felt stupidly long, then ended abruptly. It was interesting, as the myths and history are great to learn about, and I loved the character of Deidre. These books tend to satisfy my wanderlust, however it being set in the U.K. did not so much this time.

Next up is Seven Veils! I know nothing about the plot as I refuse to read the blurb. The blurbs of these books REALLY spoil the book, to around 70% of the way through, how insane!

Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovich – READ

Broken Homes – Ben Aaronovich – TO READ

I think the DC Peter Grant books are a strong contender for my favourite books ever. I adore them. I keep reading books in between each book in this series, just so I can make this series last longer.

Whispers Underground was fantastic. I have no criticism of it. I loved the plot, I loved the characters, and the writing style is amazing. Something about the way these books are written really speaks to me, and I appreciate all of the crazy obscure references even if I don’t actually get a lot of them.


After I finish writing this, I’m gonna watch the final episode of Daredevil, then start Broken Homes in bed!!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – READ

I finally read this book! It was so hyped up like 6-7 months ago, so I’m fashionably late to the Gone Girl party.  I freaking LOVED this book, it really lived up to the hype. So many twists, so many chapter cliffhangers that kept me reading until late at night. I didn’t foresee anything that happened, apart from the girl being gone, which I gathered from the title of the book. This book was incredible, and has so many grey characters- my favourite type of characters.

I wasn’t huge on the ending, though it did feel perfect, and appropriate, it wasn’t my ideal ending. It is very good, however.

Paper Towns by John Green – TO READ

A new addition to the ever growing book pile! The film comes out soon, plus I’ve been intending to read more John Green for ages, since I’ve only ever read The Fault in Our Stars. The cover of this book feels really nice. I know that’s an odd comment, especially when it’s the ONLY comment. You’ll have to wait for a while for some real thoughts on it.

The next three have been on this list for a while, so I’ll just give you the pictures and the link.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank – TO READ

The Maze Runner by James Dashner – TO READ

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – TO READ

This post could really use a coffee table book. I think I should invest in some more of those soon.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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