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Back to Tokyo! An intro to Asakusa and Conveyor Belt Sushi

Welcome back to Tokyo! The final leg of our trip to Japan.

After visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima, we came back to Tokyo for a few days before our flight.

We started in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, and we booked a hotel this time! The hotel was bloody incredible, it wasn’t expensive, but it housed a mall, and hosted weddings whilst we stayed.

This was the view from our room!


The window was actually a small area with windows proving an almost 180 degree view of the skyline. It had curtains behind, and Fae recommend closing those behind you, and sitting there at night with nothing but the city lights to illuminate the room.

That was quite a surreal moment, being sat in absolute silence, looking across a sleeping Tokyo, thinking about how far away all my friends and family were. I wondered what they were doing as for them, it was the start of a brand new day!

So this post is more of a collection of a few pictures talen as we browsed areas in Tokyo we had already visited.

Ahhh cramped, busy Tokyo streets, how I missed you!

We made sure to head to Pierre Herme, we have visited the London and Paris branches together, so it only made sense to visit the final branch, Tokyo’s!

Later in the day we headed to Sushi Nova in Asakusa. Sushi Nova is a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants known for being easy, convenient and cheap.

We had been in Japan for about 3 weeks at this point, and this was our first sushi somehow!

Thankfully the touchscreen had the option of english language! It made everything so much easier.

You just have to choose from various tabs and categories, as there’s a huge amount of sushi to choose from.

A woman and her boyfriend sat next to us and explained the system, as well as all the condiments and how to order drinks and ask for refillable green tea! She was so friendly and kind, just like everyone else we met in Japan.

They sell alcohol, we had some great highballs. I wish the UK did highballs.

Salmon and avocado sushi aka my heaven.

Eggplant sushi and octopus sushi.

Salmon sashimi, it was incredible. Salmon sashimi is my favourite type of sushi.

Cod roe, I think? This was not good. I did not like it one bit.

Pickled vegetables, this is more my wavelength.

Thanks for reading, check back for some real Tokyo posts!

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