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Kaiyukan Aquarium

When I last left you, we had just walked out of Osaka Castle‘s grounds! We were on our way to the world famous Kaiyukan Aquarium!

I had never heard of this place before, but it turns out it’s a real big deal! It’s known mainly for it’s whale sharks! Just to highlight how incredibly massive Kaiyukan is, I remember looking at otters on the 7th floor.

Enjoy some of Osaka’s streets as we made our way there!

So many cities in the world have a big wheel, it’s like some unspoken agreement by the cities of the world. By that I mean, Tokyo had one, Osaka has one, and a lot of UK cities have them, or at least Liverpool, Manchester and London do.

It seems we were also near Osaka’s Legoland at the time, if not, this poor giraffe was VERY lost.

Kaiyukan Aquarium itself! It’s quite the spectacle!

I couldn’t help but notice how quiet this area was, despite housing many major attractions. Maybe I had just gotten too used to the hustle of Tokyo, but this area of Osaka (the Minato ward, I believe) was so calm and serene. It was a nice break from staying in Shibuya and it’s insane amounts of pedestrian traffic.

Despite online spending just over two weeks in Shibuya, it feels like a home I’ve moved away from. I can still remember the nooks and crannies of the streets, which conbinis (convenience stores) we’d pass en route to the station, which exits of the station were the best, etc. I would love to go back to Shibuya and stay there again, it’s such a bloody marvellous area of Tokyo.

I can still hear the adverts over the crossing, one of which was to promote Flash by Perfume, a jam for the ages:

I got the clown fish ticket, Fae got the penguin, but she was kind enough to swap as penguins are my favourite animal! (Yes, I adore Happy Feet, I know it’s terrible, and yes I did complete the Happy Feet DS game in one sitting on Christmas day many years ago, how did you know?)

Found you in Osaka.

These walkways blow my mind. They also drive my anxiety levels through the roof, however it was still pretty incredible. I love being able to experience deep sea, except it’s not deep sea at all. And it’s probably not accurate to what the deep sea is like either, I know nothing about the ocean or fish.

But I do know that this little shark is cute.

Yeah so this aquarium was EXTRA as hell. It’s incredible. This for the most part was purely decorative! Not too many animals seemed to live around here except for…

these cute babies. These otters could do literally anything and I’d still think they were cute and innocent. They could kill everyone I love right in front of me and I’d be cooing in the corner about how incredibly adorable they are.

These pictures are terrible as they were through a pane of glass, however I had to include them. This beaver and I bonded very quickly. Ok, I fell in love with it in about 2 seconds and didn’t want to leave it behind.

It was lazing around having some ice as a snack, and also acting kinda sassy to the person trying to feed it. I love it.

This fish looks like it just thought of a really good pun.

We stumbled upon penguin feeding time.

Be still my beating heart.

My heaven looks a little like that.

The whale shark!! The tank that housed this shark, and hundreds of other animals, is insanely huge. It is multiple floors high and takes up a significant chunk of the aquarium!

Jellyfish are one of those things I’ve realised I will never fully understand and I’ve made my peace with that.

This area was open on a few sides, meaning that it was extremely cold. You’d think Brits like us would have been tough enough to deal with it, but it was just a little bit too nippy.

And one last look at the outside!

I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the Kaiyukan Aquarium if you find yourself in Osaka! Pretty much every exhibit, except for a temporary one, has signs in English so you can learn a lot as you walk around! And know what you’re actually looking at!

Entry was under 2,500 yen, and it took us around 2 hours to explore the entire building! Definitely worth it, even if it is a little out of the way!

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