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Welcome to Arashiyama!

Arashiyama is a popular tourist area on the outskirts of Kyoto, easily accessible via train services!

And when I say popular with tourists, I completely mean it! There were absolutely TONS of tourists about, including ourselves.

We headed to Arashiyama for the bamboo groves, which it seems most people did! However Arashiyama itself is a picturesque mountain village, if we didn’t have other things to do, we easily could have wandered around the village all day.

And we may have gotten some taiyaki en route! We went for matcha flavoured taiyaki, it was incredible. I love it when matcha tastes like white chocolate rather than too bitter, and they nailed it!

The purple filling pictured is anko paste- red bean paste. Red beans are popular in Japanese snacks and desserts, I absolutely loved that flavour, however I brought some snacks back, and my parents did not like the taste of anko at all.

Is it really a post of my Japan trip without a photo of some sort of blossom?

And into the bamboo groves we head!

They are almost otherworldly, bamboo groves aren’t something you see everyday if you aren’t a resident of Arashiyama.

See the brown hay-like things? These were fences to keep you from roaming into the groves and damaging them.

Tell me that you’ve seen anything more serene than this.

Naturally there is a shrine tucked away!

‘Nonomiya’ is the name of the shrine I believe.

Winner of the 2016 ‘World’s most adorable and unnecessary bridge’ goes to…


Nonomiya’s goddess is a kitsune (fox)! Many Kyoto shrines seem to favour kitsune gods.

At one point you can cross a railroad to reach further bamboo groves. I bloody loved this, railroad crossings aren’t much of a thing in the UK, or at least I have never encountered one.

This small area allowed you to get up close and personal with the bamboo stalks! And I took the best selfie of myself EVER here:

You know this  has been my profile picture on Facebook for ages.

Sakura and bamboo in one place! Arashiyama is like a fairytale.

This could easily be a setting from a Ghibli movie.

Arashiyama is truly beautiful and was definitely one of the highlights of my entire trip to Japan. It’s busy, yet peaceful, and despite being tourist friendly, it feels authentically Japanese. I cannot recommend it enough.

And a vendor near the station does matcha vanilla swirl ice creams. DAMN.

So we bid a farewell to Arashiyama and head back into Kyoto!

Rule 1 of Kyoto: You must walk backwards.

Thanks for reading!

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