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The Imperial Palace

Let’s kick this post off with some Pokemon!!! The Gen 4 starters are some of my favourites.

But the main focus of this post will be the Imperial Palace  in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

The best way to get to the Imperial Palace Gardens is by getting a train to the aptly named Tokyo Station.

Just as a warning, this post is entirely on the grounds of the palace, which I’ve learned after some swift googling, are included within the umbrella of the Imperial Palace! We didn’t actually get to see the Imperial Palace, we instead spent some time exploring the gardens and then it seemed to be closing! No palace for us!

This area of Central Tokyo felt both like London and New York rather than Tokyo. This was the first and only area of the city which felt rather western instead of eastern, of course the Imperial Palace is one of the most Japanese places you can go to, so that statement doesn’t apply there!

The Palace is surrounded by a moat and steep walls. The moat is filled with lilies and algae, and stretches into and around some of the gardens.

The Imperial Palace is the primary residence of the Emperor, currently this is Emperor Akihito.

Just to highlight how much people love to see sakura blossoms. Although we associate them with Japan so much, they only bloom for around 2-3 weeks a year, thus anyone and everyone finds them amazing!

You may recognise this area from Sword Art Online! Asuna and Kirito come to the grounds for a picnic!

In the 1980’s the grounds of the Palace were valued to be more than the value of ALL the real estate in California!! Bear in mind that California is pretty much the size of the UK.

These walls are so classically Japanese, I felt like I’d fell straight into an anime.

This Japanese style garden area was my favourite of the grounds, it felt so otherworldly.

Before you make it into the grounds, you have to take a VERY long walk to a security checkpoint. This walk was crowded and directed by staff and police officers.

The security measures make complete sense, in Courts and the Parliament of the UK it’s like going through airport security!

This building had toilets in. Oh so grand for a place to pee.

From Tokyo to L.A. in 0.2 seconds.

Back out into the beauty of central Tokyo.

And to finish off, here’s a few pictures of a restaurant we went to in Shibuya as a final hurrah to staying their! This restaurant was down the road from our Airbnb and had Star Wars merchandise dotted all over.

This post was majorly picture heavy, I’m sorry about that! I don’t have too much to add when most of the day was spent exploring and looking through the lens of the camera.

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