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Tokyo Disney Sea- Part 3

Continuing where we left off in Agrabah!

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This is the only photograph I have of this ride, I think it was Jasmine’s magic carpet ride! This was really fun, you had a carriage in the shape of a magic carpet and you could control the height at which it flew! There were water jets all around and different things to see depending on how high you were!

You can see that this area is pretty far away from the volcano.

I can’t remember the type of popcorn sold here, I think it was some type of chilli? This wasn’t my popcorn, whilst my friends queued for it I was getting asked by two Japanese teenage girls for a photo, this happens to tourists every now and then! It only happened to me this once, being ginger was probably the reason why!

Right next to Agrabah is Ariel’s Playground! An entirely indoor area which is completely awesome.


Even the toilets are Little Mermaid themed.

These little statues were extremely expensive! You can see how nice they are, and how intricate, even so I was shocked by the price.

This looks so Spongebob.

And that is Ariel’s playground!

The lighting in Ariel’s playground makes it very difficult to take photographs in there, although it’s great to experience it. Ariel’s playground has a few rides in it, but they’re all kids rides. We didn’t go on any, as the queues were huge and they didn’t look too interesting.

This doesn’t mean there’s nothing to explore though, there are two interconnected gift shops, and I think a cafe or two! And there’s a bunch of mazes, and soft play areas that are fun for adults too! Like walls that you throw yourself at and you bounce around. It’s both hilarious to do and to watch.

Back outside once more, this is an area that’s almost like a giant hole in the ground next to the volcano!

See that little turquoise metal dome? That’s the 2,000 Leagues under the Sea ride, although it’s more of an experience than a ride. It’s really interesting, you’re in a little submarine and it really does feel like you’re underwater! You can move a little searchlight about and see all the different sea creatures!

This area connects into the volcano, to where the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride is located!

This ride is incredible, for most of my friends, this was their favourite ride in the whole park, whereas for me it was the Indiana Jones ride. But I’m very Indy bias, so you can take that with a pinch of salt, Journey is INCREDIBLE! It’s amazingly fun, and a rollercoaster of true Disney standard.

We walked around for a while, back in Cape Cod.

Disney Sea is truly beautiful as the sun begins to set, due to the amount of water! The reflections on the lakes are incredible.

There is a gift shop in Cape Cod focusing on Duffy, a mascot of Disney that is VERY popular in Japan! Before coming to Tokyo Disney Sea, I’d never even heard of this teddybear! However, the gift shop was rammed full of people clamouring to get something with Duffy on!

Duffy felt almost like a luxury mascot; the merchandise featuring her was of a high quality- with a price tag to match!

If you’re a fan of more traditional toys and mascots, Duffy will be for you!

Back to the American waterfront as it’s Tower of Terror time!

Marie was one of the only characters I saw out and about in the day, not many characters do just walk around/stay static in one public place- most will be in a specific photograph area, that’s somewhere just off of a main path.

I’d never been on a Tower of Terror before, even though I’ve been to two other Disney parks both with Towers of Terror! But I was much younger, and probably either scared or too short.

Disney Sea’s Tower of Terror has it’s own backstory which is different to any other, so even if you’ve been on one before, it’s going to be a different experience!

The decor of the mansion is incredible, it’s like walking into the Addam’s family home, or April Ludgate’s ideal home. It’s incredible, I’d say I want a mansion like that, but I would never sleep again.

The ride itself is so much fun, it’s an up and down ride with some jump scares, big drops, abrupt stops- all you expect from Tower of Terror!

I bought this Tower of Terror exclusive Mickey! Look at how scared he is! This was 1,500 yen, and he has a pull cord to make him shake in fear!!

The gift shop was themed like the Tower’s pool area!

These medical masks are a very big thing in Asia to prevent the spreading of diseases, I wish this concept were more of a thing over here in the UK! At my uni (University of Liverpool) it was never an unusual site, due to the high percentage of foreign students, apparently something like 35% of students come from Asia, so it was a very normal thing to see!

I bought some of these masks (regular versions) while in Japan, though I bought a set of large size masks, thinking I would need those, it turned out they were massive! I think I only wore them once, as I was a little full of cold towards to the start of my trip, and it would have been rude to have been spreading my germs when everyone else is being so considerate!

Though Fae and I did buy some of the novelty Disney ones, though I say novelty, the quality of these is amazing compared to the disposable ones! It was comfortable and super soft, we wore them for the rest of the day! They were our version of Mickey ears, or the other hats and accessories sold! A lot of people are spotted around the park wearing them!

I went for Chip, Chip and Donald are my favourite original Disney characters! Fae went for Marie!

This Alien mochi changed my entire life. I’d seen some friends have these when they’d been to Disney Sea and had to buy some for myself!

These are 400-500 yen I think, I don’t quite remember, but either way, they’re worth it! The fillings are strawberry, custard and chocolate. All three were incredible! I kinda wish I went back for more, even if the queue was HUGE!

And then came the time for Fantasia! We quickly rushed around the gift shops before making our way to the spot which Gin has reserved for us, she got us such an amazing spot!

This rises out of the water. This alone blew my mind.

And I don’t want to spoil Fantasia for anyone, nor did I take that many pictures as it was such an experience! All I will say is that I cried about 4 times.

That’s Disney Sea! Next we move onto…I’m not sure what! But something else in Tokyo!

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