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Hello and welcome to Odaiba!

Odaiba is a manmade island located within the Tokyo Bay, initially built for defensive purposes 160 years ago!

Odaiba is famous for being the setting/basis for Digimon, among other things!

Here is Palette Town, a huge shopping plaza, alongside the Daikanransha (the ferris wheel), which is technically a part of Palette Town itself.

Contrast the outside of Palette Town to the inside, it is not what you expect! I was taken aback when we entered. I expected a mediocre shopping plaza, not faux Italian scenery!

This place just gets better and better, or stranger and stranger, dependent on your views.

Palette Town has various shops and restaurants, including Kiddy Land. Kiddy Land is a Japanese chain of stores focusing on character goods, obviously as this is Japan, there is a lot of Hello Kitty on offer.

Tokyo Station even has a dedicated Sanrio store, Haneda Airport has a dedicated Hello Kitty store, and I’m sure there are a lot more!

Answer the damn question, will you?

We headed to a ramen restaurant, one that featured the ticket vending machine system! I was really eager to try one of these.

You put money in, push a button, get the ticket which corresponds to the order you placed, hand it in, and bam! Done!

I can’t remember exactly what I ordered, but I paid 300 yen extra for gyoza, a decision I firmly stand by.

Ramen in Japan is almost incomparable to ramen elsewhere. I find that in the UK it is often far too salty, Japanese ramen is much more to my taste.

The Tokyo Big Sight is very famous, mainly for hosting Comiket, a biannual doujinshi convention famed for the amazing cosplay. It seems Pokemon Go cosplays were big at the most recent event!

This view reminded me of Liverpool’s docks. They may look very different and be located 6,000 miles apart, but the similarities are striking.

Odaiba feels so futuristic, as a manmade island should. The walkways, the buildings, everything feels straight out of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Rainbow bridge connects Odaiba to the mainland. Many times it is lit up in the colours of the rainbow, very fitting. Odaiba feels cold and distant, but at the same time so warm and colourful. It’s a dynamic you can only expect of something purposefully constructed.

Odaiba has it’s own Statue of Liberty. I looked into this, but still can’t find a reason why. But then again, why not? This marks the third Statue of Liberty I have seen…I think.

Counting Lady Liberty herself in New York, this, and the extremely small ‘Statue of Liberty Liverpool’, which I only discovered due to Pokemon Go, despite walking past the building it adorns thousands of times.

Again, so futuristic. However something about this building screams 1990’s to me.

One of the main sights of Odaiba is the lifesize Gundam statue.

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most famous franchises in the world, inspiring so many sci-fi classics we know, it’s influence cannot be measured. The mecha genre is only so incredible popular due to the existence of Gundam.

Transformers, Pacific Rim, Evangelion, all these things would not exist without the influence of Gundam.

At first I was shocked by the size of the statue, I expected it to be larger, then again, it is still pretty damn huge.

A cafe/shop is located virtually directly behind the statue.

It is much more of a shop than cafe, the cafe only sells a few things, including themed taiyaki.

There was also a caravan outside selling Gundam kits, this was very popular!

I believe these were plum blossom trees. We get closer and closer to the promised sakura every single day.

And so we embarked upon the ferris wheel!

There was an area where you could get your photograph taken at the bottom, which was clearly made for couples. Nothing makes you feel more single than that,

And as night fell, the ferris wheel lit up!

And finally, whilst in a children’s game centre, I put 100 yen into a crane game without really thinking, and won this giant ass Boo. My impression, as you can see, is spot on.

And this is how much space it took up in my case. I still had to travel to Osaka and Hiroshima, and then back to Tokyo at this point. Life is much simpler now this Boo lives at home on my bed.

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