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Today we’re covering ARTNIA cafe, located in Shinjuku, specifically Shinjuku Eastside Square.

ARTNIA is the official store of Square Enix, famous for games such as Dragon Quest, Bravely Default and of course, the Final Fantasy series.

As a failure in life, I’ve never played any of these, apart from Final Fantasy Dissidia, and demos of others. I know the characters, but that’s about it! Whereas Fae is a very big FF fan, so we went for breakfast one day!

Even though I don’t really know about anything with regards to Square Enix, I had a great time at the cafe anyway, good food, good drinks and good decor! There’s nothing to complain about!

I believe we went to Shinjuku Sanchome station, but I can’t say for certain. If that is the case, this is what you’re faced with as you leave the station! You’re in Shinjuku Eastside Square immediately.

ARTNIA is a short walk from here, we got a little bit lost, as it’s not directly in this shopping plaza, but it isn’t far.

Tokyo is so modern, it’s not like other cities where you’ll find a mix of new and slightly older architecture, Tokyo is new, new, new.

Of course there is some older architecture and a lot of much older history, but for the most part it’s like walking around a futuristic city.

This statue had a great meaning, and I’m kicking myself for not being able to remember what.

ARTNIA has a futuristic vibe to it, the architecture definitely gives that impression too. ARTNIA looks much smaller from the outside than it is, but that being said, it isn’t very big on the inside. The two times I visited I ended up sat at the bar both times, so make sure to give yourself a back up plan incase you can’t get a seat.

We were sat at the bar as the tables were full. I had to take a picture of Beefeater gin whilst in Japan! It’s just like home.

Something I realised in Japan is that all over the world, spirit brands are almost always the same?! You can see Bacardi rum, Beefeater gin, Cointreau and Campano.

This drink was called a potion! It’s soda water, lemon, honey and mint I believe! Nothing alcoholic as I think it was about 10am.

You get a coaster with your purchase, I got the cactus thing from FF. I’m sorry to any and all FF fans who hate me right now. On my second visit I got the exact same coaster again.

This is a gimmick a lot of themed cafes in Japan do, it’s really fun and definitely works in making you want to buy more food and drink. You go from thinking ‘I get a free coaster with this drink!’ to ‘I only have to pay 600 yen for another coaster, and I get a drink too!’

It was Easter Sunday! I forgot about that until this picture! Everyone at home would have been celebrating, so my sister gave me a bunch of small chocolates to take and a little Happy Easter banner to take pictures of whilst I was there.

We visited Tokyo Tower later this day, but still the best picture has to be this one:

Fae got Cloud’s parfait, which was banana and chocolate flavour. I ended up eating a lot of the banana, it was a great parfait.

Japan does parfait right.

I had a salmon and avocado sandwich because I stan for avocado just as much as Fae stans for Cloud. The salad it came with was also incredible, and pretty damn fancy.

ARTNIA is often full of very hardcore fans who bring their own merchandise with them, it’s really cool to see what people bring and how excited they are to be in this kind of environment!

I wish I lived in a country with themed cafes based on things I loved, imagine a Star Wars Cantina! That actually existed in Manchester for a weekend, they said it may become a permanent feature…and that was almost a year ago now.

That latte art!!!!

I visited again with my friend Eggy, and this time I had a sweeter option! These pancakes were amazing, and I made a fool of myself by trying to ask in Japanese for ‘ichigo’ pancakes…the waiter just looked at me and said ‘ok one strawberry pancake!’.

I tried, I really did.

You can buy mini versions of some of the dishes they serve!

You can buy pretty much any Square Enix merchandise you desire! Some is exclusive, some is very expensive, some is affordable! It’s a real range!

This room was separate to the rest of the cafe, it was incredible.

Just to be clear, this is a constantly falling stream of water. It was so relaxing.

They had a ton of Figuarts on display too! My favourites were Lara Croft, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Miku Hatsune.

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