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Tokyo Disney Sea- Part 2

Let’s move on with Japan posts, continuing with Tokyo Disney Sea!

You can see part 1 of this series of posts here.

As always, you can click on these pictures to see a bigger version!

The long awaited popcorn! I bought a regular box of cappuccino popcorn for 310Y (£2ish), and it was BEAUTIFUL. It tasted incredible, it made coffee wonderfully sweet.

Look at all the layers people have on, yet I somehow got sunburned on this day.

It was fun to see across the lagoon and see Tower of Terror in the distance!

I love the various uniforms at Disney parks! There were a few people dotted about selling balloons, I feel sorry for them on a windy day. That being said, I bet they get some sick biceps from death-gripping onto 45 balloons on a gusty afternoon.

The volcano erupts, and has a ride in it somehow. I would love to see a cross-section of the structure, you know, to see how they include massive amounts of flammable material as well as an intense rollercoaster.

It starts off slow, with a few bangs and bits of smoke.

Then plumes of fire burst out to the sky!! See the alcove on the right hand side of the volcano? You can see the rollercoaster pass through there. It’s part of a sharp decline, so you start much closer to the top of the volcano!

Like clockwork, flights seemed to go over the park not long after the eruption- imagine being on a plane and seeing towers of fire coming towards you!

D-Disney Sea-san…

This area once more is the New York themed area, kind of. I kept thinking of it as ‘vaguely American’.

Many don’t realise that you can go on the ship that I included some photos of in part 1 of these posts!

The view from the top of the S.S. Titanic Columbia is incredible! You can see all over Tokyo Bay, and Yokohama in the distance.

Looking in the other direction, you can see a huge amount of the Disney Sea park, and even into the Tokyo Disney park next door!

So we left New York and headed to Cape Cod! This is all still a part of the ‘American Waterfront’ area.

My knowledge of American history is terrible, the only American history I was taught in school was Native, that was very interesting!

Though walking into Civil war era-Cape Cod, I had no real idea of what it was. Thankfully my friend Gin is American and told us all about it!

There’s a manmade crack in the wall to trick visitors into thinking Tokyo bay is leaking into the park!

They’re also going to be building Elsa’s castle in Disney Sea, many think it will be in the plot of land in the upper right corner.

These hats were adorable, yet slightly perturbing. The character is biting onto your head, whilst their tiny body dangles behind. I still debated buying a Chip though!

Back to Lost River Delta, my favourite area due to the Indiana Jones ride! I’m actually watching Raiders of the Lost Ark as I type this up! That’s not much of a coincidence though, at anytime there’s a solid 35% chance that I’m watching Indiana Jones movies.

Note the little Star Wars reference on the plane.

I wish you could climb the outside of the pyramid. I completely understand why you can’t, but it’d still be awesome.

Sadly this little giftshop sold 0 Indy merch. I think I already whined about this in my last post. Though now Indiana Jones Pop! vinyl figures exist, after wanting them for years. But they’re exclusive and really hard to get. Unless you have stacks of cash lying about.

I can’t remember what this ride was called, it was another ride in Lost River Delta, an outdoor rollercoaster of sometime!

And I leave you where our next adventure will take off, Agrabah! Better known as the setting of Aladdin!

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