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Tokyo Disney Sea – Part 1

Tokyo Disney Sea! Not to be confused with SeaWorld, Tokyo Disney Sea is the only park of its kind in the world. There are no other Disney Sea parks outside of Tokyo…well Chiba, Disney technically lies outside of the Tokyo prefecture, but we’ll keep that one quiet.

Tokyo Disney Sea is often rated the best Disney Park of them all! It has a distinctly grown up vibe compared to others (or at least the other parks I have been to; Paris and Orlando), yet has the standard Disney charm we love!

Disney Sea is much smaller than other parks, however this meant that we could conquer most of it in a day! What made Disney Sea extra special to me is the Indiana Jones ride!!! I was excited for months about that ride!

We started the day at around 5am, made it to Disney Sea the minute it opened, and got fastpasses for Indiana Jones straight away, thanks to our friend Gin who knows Tokyo Disney Parks like the back of her hand!

Even the monorail there is so Disney! You can see the windows are Mickey shaped too!

Chip and Dale are my favourite characters. Well Chip is. Dale I hate with a passion. But yay for Chip ticket!

This is what you see as soon as you head in!!

Even though it was barely 8am it was so busy!

The tension walking through this alcove where you can see the volcano is insane!!!

We headed straight away to the Lost River Delta area for Indy, I didn’t take too many pictures enroute as we were rushing to make it tot the front of the line! Whilst most people in this picture seem to be wearing coats, it was surprisingly warm this day! I ended up getting sunburn, which isn’t too crazy as a pasty ginger, but it was mid-March!

Tokyo Disney is favourite for its popcorn, it had flavours ranging from white chocolate to cappuccino! The cappuccino flavour was amazing. The coffee gods bestowed a 600 yen (£4-ish) gift in the form of Disney Sea popcorn!

You can buy big refillable popcorn tubs for 2,000 yen (£15-ish) that then get you a discount on subsequent popcorn purchases!

I bought a miniture Donald themed popcorn bucket, Donald and Chip are my favourite Disney characters, so I was really happy to have found this, especially since I didn’t really want a fullsize one! This was full of jellybeans, I don’t usually like jellybeans, but these were amazing!

Notice those two girls in the bottom right corner? Matching outfits are a big thing in Japan, specifically in Disney! I saw a group of teenagers all head to toe in purple fleece tracksuits.


The Indy ride is in here!

Inside! I took a million pictures inside both times we went in, because I want to remember everything about it! Being inside an Indiana Jones themed ride made me happier than I have ever been, I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. My life and soul is devoted to Indiana Jones.

I loved the ride so much, it’s supposed to be based on the Temple of the Crystal Skull, it was modified to become that, as before it was an original story. However, I feel like it has elements of all 4 Indiana Jones movies mixed into it, as well as some of it’s own additions! It is definitely one of the best rides I’ve been on!

Though I have to say I was disappointed that there wasn’t any merch at all! Not even an Indy pin!! Not even a Mickey dressed as an ‘explorer’! I was prepared to make it rain some Yen if it meant I could get something Indy related, but alas, it was not to be.

If you thought I was lying about loving the ride, look at that face of pure glee.

Just look at that token Japan clear sky!! It’s a win in the UK if the sky is the slightest shade of blue, let alone cloudless!

We then took the monorail from Port Discovery (I think) to the American waterfront. You can see Tower of Terror in the distance!

If you haven’t seen the video of Kim Kardashian on Tower of Terror, drop what you’re doing and enlighten yourself.

And now you know how Tokyo Disney Sea gets its name! It’s right on the sea!

They really do deserve a standing ovation, I had an amazing salmon bagel with fries, god damn those fries are one of the greatest thing I’ve tasted in my 21 years.

‘McDuck’s Department Store’

Tower of Terror is total house goals. But on a more serious note, the architecture of all the buildings in Disney is incredible, it’s all so distinct, yet retains the classic Disney charm!

What a familiar looking ship…

‘Fish so fresh your Mother would SLAP IT’

I have no idea if this is a mistranslation or if this was what the sign is supposed to say. If it’s the latter, I have so many questions.

It’s little known that you can walk around the Titanic replica…I’m sorry, I mean the  SS. Columbia.

(good band name)

I would buy this if I could.

Seriously, look how blue the sky is! It never failed to amaze me. In England the sky is literally 50 Shades of Grey.

The Mediterranean Harbour is beautiful! You sorta forget that it’s not legit, until the giant speakers remind you.

This takes you to the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride, INSIDE THE VOLCANO!

This is generally the most popular ride in Disney Sea, but for me it’s the Indiana Jones ride.

This is the Mysterious Island area! Until looking it up, I thought it was just the volcano area!

I took hundreds upon hundreds of photographs this day! I was having such an incredible time and didn’t want to risk even forgetting a moment. You forget the magic a Disney park has until you’re back in one, and you’re a 21 year old man reduced to tears at various points throughout the day.

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Thanks for reading!

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