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Meiji Jingu

Back on the Japan post hype! I really need to churn these out, this is still like day 4 or something of my 26 day trip. I went in MARCH, and it’s July and I’m still to go through my pictures, how bad is that?!

In the afternoon we visited Meiji Jingu shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo! It’s pretty much in Harajuku, which is also part of Shibuya, although I feel like I always interpret them as two completely separate areas, as when you think of Shibuya you think of the crossing, when you think of Harajuku you think of Takeshita Street!

Meiji Jingu shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. It has been around for about 100 years, with parts rebuilt due to the Tokyo air raids in World War II.

I know this selfie is out of focus, but I liked it more than the in focus one!

This is the giant gate you’re greeted with as you walk to Meiji Jingu! Not only is it super close to Harajuku station, it’s about 2 minutes on foot from Takeshita Street! Amazing!

Be warned that there is A LOT of walking to get to the actual shrine! It’s very scenic walking through the beautiful forestry! This sounds boring, but it was really interesting seeing all the different types of trees which we don’t get in the UK!

These barrels of sake (explained below) are a popular place to get pictures taken! You can see why, they’re very picturesque.

A selfie a day keeps the haters away.

I feel like I deserve haters for that.

Yet another big torii gate!

We went rather late in the afternoon, not too long before it closed, but the lighting was beautiful! If not a bit difficult to photograph!

Finally near the main shrine!

I explained the cleansing ceremony in my last post if you missed it.

The grounds are rather spacious and very beautiful and so clean! If this were in the UK, 18 penises a day would be drawn on those clean paving stones.

You may notice just off centre in this picture are some girls in traditional yukata! It’s not uncommon to see people in yukata, especially in/around shrines and in Harajuku.

The skies were so incredibly blue, at the start of our trip the weather was amazing. I actually got a little sunburned one day!

I also explained ema in my last Japan post! You write a wish/prayer on them to be blessed by priests. It was nice to find some in English and read the things people had written, they were always so selfness and kind.

This was my omikuji! Many major shrines offer them in Japanese and English, sometimes in Chinese too. I believe this was 100 yen. So I shook a big shaker full of sticks, one came out, which said 16 at the end! I went to the shrine maiden and told her I had number 16 (jūroku onegaishimasu) and she handed me a little envelop with a poem in! It was a nice poem, which I don’t have a photo to hand of at the minute, as it’s boxed up with most of my things because of moving home.

After looking around the main grounds, we explored around the grounds and paths around a bit more! There are a lot of buildings the public cannot access, which either are for events or are offices of some sort. There’s also a gift shop and a little restaurant, I think there’s a hotel somewhere too!

The areas with paths/roads like this reminded me of English parks a little bit.

We ended up looping back to one of the many giant torii gates again!

I would 100% recommend Meiji Jingu to you, it only took around 2 hours or so to explore the whole area, and was entirely free. It’s not open in the evenings, but we didn’t get there until about 3:30-4pm-ish and didn’t have to rush!

Here’s a link to all of the Japan posts thus far!

Thanks for reading!

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