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July 11, 2016

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Tokyo Disney Sea – Part 1

Tokyo Disney Sea! Not to be confused with SeaWorld, Tokyo Disney Sea is the only park of its kind in the world. There are no other Disney Sea parks outside of Tokyo…well Chiba, Disney technically lies outside of the Tokyo prefecture, but we’ll keep that one quiet.

Tokyo Disney Sea is often rated the best Disney Park of them all! It has a distinctly grown up vibe compared to others (or at least the other parks I have been to; Paris and Orlando), yet has the standard Disney charm we love!

Disney Sea is much smaller than other parks, however this meant that we could conquer most of it in a day! What made Disney Sea extra special to me is the Indiana Jones ride!!! I was excited for months about that ride!

We started the day at around 5am, made it to Disney Sea the minute it opened, and got fastpasses for Indiana Jones straight away, thanks to our friend Gin who knows Tokyo Disney Parks like the back of her hand!

Even the monorail there is so Disney! You can see the windows are Mickey shaped too!

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