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Sorry it’s been a while! Life kinda caught up with me. I had tons and tons and tons of work to do for the final exams of my degree. They pretty much consumed every waking moment I have, but now I am back to some semblance of normal, and it’s time to continue with my Japan series of blogposts, as the rate I’m going at currently will mean I only make posts related to this trip until I’m 45.

So my last Japan related post covered a morning I had in Ikebukuro! Here is the rest of that day. Well that’s a lie, as we also visited Meiji-Jingu in Harajuku, which will be the next post!

We went for a Starbucks at the Tsutaya Shibuya Crossing Starbucks as it is known for it’s view of the crossing, if you can get a window seat! Luckily we did, even if it is like a greenhouse in there!

We had matcha frappes and my GOD were they amazing. I’m not usually a frappucino fan, not because of the taste, but more so because it’s a bucket of cream, but hey I was on holiday, screw my skin, stomach and body fat percentage (because, yanno, I spend a lot of time worrying about that…)

The view was nice, it was pretty sweet to people watch from up there, however hard to photograph due to the pane of glass. You can see how beautifully sunny it was though! And the big promotion for Batman vs Superman, which was VERY popular in Japan! There was more promotion for that than anything else I noticed! It’s a shame it turned out terrible…or so I hear as I still haven’t watched it.

So the Starbucks is in Tsutaya, which is essentially a Japanese chain equivalent to HMV! I took a few pictures of Western shows and other things that interested me – it looks like Season 5 of The Walking Dead has just hit DVD/Blu Ray in Japan!

The release of Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and for Japan, Green, on the Nintendo eShop happened very close to our Japan trip! I was playing Blue, but haven’t played it since I was there! I need to get back into it!

I feel like Kogami and Ginoza have more iconic quotes, but I digress.

Finally, here’s a picture of a magazine featuring Tomomi of SCANDAL, one of my favourite bands! Notice the magazine with Zayn in the background, Zayn is super popular in Japan.

Next: Tower Records! Which…turned out to be like Tsutaya, just bigger!

I got real excited thinking that Japan was getting a special re-release of the Indy films (this was a few days after the announcement of the Indy 5 release date), but I believe this is for an orchestra type event.

They had exclusive crossover Vocaloid merchandise!

I need to listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new album, I’m seeing her live in London next month!

Tower Records has a rooftop ‘skygarden’ with some pretty great views of Shibuya.

A Yamanote line train!

There is something about Japanese streets that I love so much! It sounds so dumb, but it is just like in anime! When I used to binge anime as a young teen, I never connected the dots that actual Japanese streets look like that!

Next we found a little hidden shrine!

If you get a bad fortune at a shrine, you tie it around specific fences on the grounds for the Priests to bless it!

‘Ema’ are wooden plaques which you write a prayer or wish on and hang at the shrine.

Most shrines require you to cleanse yourself on entry, you pick up the scoop with your right hand, fill it with water and wash your left hand, then switch and cleanse your right hand. Then you switch back, pour the remaining water into your left hand, and cleanse your mouth.

This photo gives a little insight to the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, sometimes it was so busy that we were in standstill foot traffic on pavements!

We walked past this pretty much everyday, I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but how cool is this store!?

Thanks for reading!

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