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Ending University Thought Stream

So it’s been a hot minute since I posted, I never mean to stop posting for a good while, but I had my last set of exams and coursework of my entire degree. So now, unless something has gone horribly wrong, I have a law degree coming my way! It doesn’t feel real yet! I’ve been ‘free’ since Thursday at 12:15, making this my 4th full day of freedom. Somehow I’ve been just as busy as when I had revision and coursework to write, but it’s been a much better kind of busy. The kind of busy that involves going to cool rooftop bars, family bbqs, end of year parties and also going to watch the sunrise over the city, only to realise the sun SETS over the city and rises the other way, so we missed it. It felt like such a metaphor for my university career somehow.

I can’t believe my university career has come to an end! It has easily been the best three years of my life, and I am so sad to leave it behind! There have most definitely been a fair share of bad and tough times, I remember in my first year I was SO close to dropping out. A lot of people debate dropping out in the first semester, it feels like almost a right of passage to truly question whether what you’re doing is the right choice for you. Since then I never looked back, apart from a brief moment when it’s late at night during rather extreme exam/coursework stresses. We’ve all been there. I had that recently with staying up late to cut words out of my final piece of coursework, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to comb through it again the next day to remove words and just had to do it then and there.

Unlike most people, I lived at home during my first year of uni, and commuted from my hometown to Liverpool everyday. This journey ended up being longer than I judged it; I didn’t fully take into account the walk from my house to the train station, nor did I really account for the timings of the trains, as it meant I often had to run from a lecture to the station to not have to wait half an hour for the next train, and also meant I would sometimes be 40 or so minutes early for lectures. It really didn’t work, and I was missing out on a lot of ‘university life’, the socialising, the discovering of new places, the making of new friends! I could do all of these things, but not to the same extent as everyone else.

So I have spent the last two years living in Liverpool! I think Liverpool was a good choice for me, even though I really did not put as much thought into my university choices as you should. It’s local, but not extremely close, it’s a vibrant city, it’s a beautiful city, it’s the greatest place, and I am only slightly, extremely bias. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t loved living in this city, and that wouldn’t move back here again sometime. I want a break from here, I want to try somewhere new. Most aspects of my life are changing and I don’t really want to continue living here whilst my life changes so much. I also have always wanted to move to London, and I pretty much need to live in London for any and all of my career goals. My aim is to be living in London by November/December of this year! We’ll see how that one plays out!

I wanted to write more but I’m now seeing how extremely long this post is! This can do for now, until I get some more Japan and otherwise posts sorted! It’s nice to be able to do stuff like this again!

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  • Nicole Marie
    June 7, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    It's good to see you back to blogging again! Well done for completing your degree, enjoy your well earnt rest!!! 🙂 Thrifty vintage fashion

    • Davey Granger
      June 8, 2016 at 10:32 am

      Thank you Nicole!! Being able to not revise constantly is amazing, I bet you know that feeling now too haha!!