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June 2016

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My Life at 21

These bastards are much harder to photograph than most bloggers would have you think.

So here I am, 21 years young. Happy 21st to me as of June 20th 2016. Also happy birthday to Nicole Kidman, my birthday twin. And happy birthday to Chris Pratt, on June 21st, who will play me in the movie adaptation of my greatest bank heists.

I felt like writing a little bit about the place I am in life at the time I have turned the grand old age of 21, which is a big deal for some reason, even though 18 is the age at which you can do most things legally in the UK. But now I can go to those pretentious bars that only allow people 21 or over in them, and can drink in the USA too? I can’t believe I could have owned a gun for a while, but not had a legal drink if I were in the USA, hey Trump 2016! I can’t even say that as a joke. #imwithher (mainly because Bernie is now essentially out, oh what could have been).

So as of my 21st birthday, I have finished my law with accounting and finance degree at the University of Liverpool, but I’m still waiting on my degree classification. I work part time at ASDA and volunteer at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau working in social media. I’m looking for jobs in all facets of media, mainly social, in London at the minute. I hope to move down there by the end of the year, preferably sooner as I have a ticket to see Melanie Martinez in London on November 21st and it would make life easier if I lived there then.

NOPE, this is an update from future David. Turns out Melanie Martinez is an abuser and we don’t need that music in our lives.

My career goal at the minute is unsure. Ideally, I would like to present things, TV, online things, real life events, who knows. I think I might take up an acting class to get some skills sorted. And acting could also be something fun to do. There aren’t many ginger male actors, and they generally get typecast, unless you’re Damien Lewis and you get amazing roles like Brody in Homeland. I’d love to be in Game of Thrones and play a wildling, like Tormund’s son or something, but I don’t think Tormund has a son in the show. Or to go back in time and play Robb Stark, because he’s my favourite character. Or go even further back in time and star in Space Jam because it’s the greatest film to have graced the planet, Bugs Bunny AND Michael Jordan? Inspired.

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Sorry it’s been a while! Life kinda caught up with me. I had tons and tons and tons of work to do for the final exams of my degree. They pretty much consumed every waking moment I have, but now I am back to some semblance of normal, and it’s time to continue with my Japan series of blogposts, as the rate I’m going at currently will mean I only make posts related to this trip until I’m 45.

So my last Japan related post covered a morning I had in Ikebukuro! Here is the rest of that day. Well that’s a lie, as we also visited Meiji-Jingu in Harajuku, which will be the next post!

We went for a Starbucks at the Tsutaya Shibuya Crossing Starbucks as it is known for it’s view of the crossing, if you can get a window seat! Luckily we did, even if it is like a greenhouse in there!

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Ending University Thought Stream

So it’s been a hot minute since I posted, I never mean to stop posting for a good while, but I had my last set of exams and coursework of my entire degree. So now, unless something has gone horribly wrong, I have a law degree coming my way! It doesn’t feel real yet! I’ve been ‘free’ since Thursday at 12:15, making this my 4th full day of freedom. Somehow I’ve been just as busy as when I had revision and coursework to write, but it’s been a much better kind of busy. The kind of busy that involves going to cool rooftop bars, family bbqs, end of year parties and also going to watch the sunrise over the city, only to realise the sun SETS over the city and rises the other way, so we missed it. It felt like such a metaphor for my university career somehow.

I can’t believe my university career has come to an end! It has easily been the best three years of my life, and I am so sad to leave it behind! There have most definitely been a fair share of bad and tough times, I remember in my first year I was SO close to dropping out. A lot of people debate dropping out in the first semester, it feels like almost a right of passage to truly question whether what you’re doing is the right choice for you. Since then I never looked back, apart from a brief moment when it’s late at night during rather extreme exam/coursework stresses. We’ve all been there. I had that recently with staying up late to cut words out of my final piece of coursework, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to comb through it again the next day to remove words and just had to do it then and there.

Unlike most people, I lived at home during my first year of uni, and commuted from my hometown to Liverpool everyday. This journey ended up being longer than I judged it; I didn’t fully take into account the walk from my house to the train station, nor did I really account for the timings of the trains, as it meant I often had to run from a lecture to the station to not have to wait half an hour for the next train, and also meant I would sometimes be 40 or so minutes early for lectures. It really didn’t work, and I was missing out on a lot of ‘university life’, the socialising, the discovering of new places, the making of new friends! I could do all of these things, but not to the same extent as everyone else.

So I have spent the last two years living in Liverpool! I think Liverpool was a good choice for me, even though I really did not put as much thought into my university choices as you should. It’s local, but not extremely close, it’s a vibrant city, it’s a beautiful city, it’s the greatest place, and I am only slightly, extremely bias. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t loved living in this city, and that wouldn’t move back here again sometime. I want a break from here, I want to try somewhere new. Most aspects of my life are changing and I don’t really want to continue living here whilst my life changes so much. I also have always wanted to move to London, and I pretty much need to live in London for any and all of my career goals. My aim is to be living in London by November/December of this year! We’ll see how that one plays out!

I wanted to write more but I’m now seeing how extremely long this post is! This can do for now, until I get some more Japan and otherwise posts sorted! It’s nice to be able to do stuff like this again!