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Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park!

This is a rather famous park in Tokyo, located in the Shibuya area, and to our surprise, it was less than a 5 minute walk from our Airbnb.

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan, you know how in New Zealand there are more sheep than people? I swear the amount vending machines and the population of Japan must be close to equal.

Boss coffee is a big brand that makes some good coffee! It’s produced by Suntory, a company which makes an absolute ton of drinks, whisky, beer, fizzy drinks, juice, etc! All of what I tried was great.

I mainly took this picture as one of my flatmate’s surname is O’hara. I need to show him this at some point.

So I guess this is technically the start of Yoyogi park? This is very close to Yoyogi-koen station, which runs on a Tokyo metro line. Yoyogi park is very big, Harajuku is on the other side, so you can also get a train to Harajuku and walk from there.

You even could to Shibuya station, but that’s a bit of a further walk than the other two.

The day was rather overcast! But it was dry, warm enough and still pretty nice.

This was not long after St Patrick’s Day! I was sad to have missed St Patrick’s Day as in Liverpool, due to the large Irish population, as well as students wishing to drink excessively, Paddy’s Day is a HUGE deal!! So I was glad to experience a bit of Paddy’s festivities!

It was interesting as tons of foreigners were in Yoyogi that day, I presume a huge amount of these people have emigrated to Japan, and this is a day to feel a bit closer to home, as a lot of Guinness, as well as various British/European beers and a lot of British food.

This is a major TV station’s HQ in the middle of the park, but I’ve completely forgotten which, I want to say NHQ?

This was my first vending machine coffee, it cost a grand 110 yen I believe (about 66p). It was the first of many, and I loved each and every single one.

There was also a Thai festival going on nearby! It was a strange juxtaposition to walk from a Irish festival to a Thai one!

I believe this is the Harajuku end of the park? I have no idea.

Yoyogi also has a huge stadium in it! This day there was a concert, and even though it was early afternoon, huge queues had started to form.

I found photographing trains so much fun. I have no clue why!

The one pictured here is a JR Yamanote line train. If it’s an overground train in Tokyo, it’s a mostly safe bet to assume it’s a JR line.

Tokyo Girls Music Fes.! That was what was on!

A big highway, pictured towards the start of this post, runs through the park!

Every Sunday, the famous Yoyogi park greasers dance for hours to 50’s music!

The first of many crepes also! This was banana, almond, chocolate and whipped cream. I wish I had that right now.

I went Jon Hamm with sakura pictures as this was an early bloomer! This little tree was fenced off and tons of people were crowding it as few sakura had bloomed at this point!

There are tons of street performers! This man had a huge bubble net thing, and kids were going WILD for it! Whereas I was so excited until the bubbles started hitting my camera, I panicked for it’s life and rushed away. I’m a protective mother.

In England we have pigeons and seagulls, in Japan they have C R O W S  how cool is that!?

And there, in 2,000,000 pictures, is our afternoon at Yoyogi park!

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