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International Women’s Day 2016


Last year I made a blog post for International Women’s Day on women who continuously inspire me in daily life! Here is a link to that if you fancy a look!

This year, I’m going to mix it up a bit, and talk about some fictional inspirational women!!

Agent Peggy Carter

I adore Peggy so much. Being a woman in the 1940’s was not easy, especially in a male dominated industry, but wasn’t everything then? And now, sadly.

Peggy is consistently underestimated because she’s a woman, but time and time again she proves herself more useful to the war effort than most of the men.

After the war, Peggy works for the SSR, in which many of the other agents decide the only reason she is there is due to being ‘Captain America’s girlfriend’, not due to the truth of her being part of the reason WWII ended when it did.

Peggy faces endless trials, but takes advantage of the fact she is underestimated by most men, something which they soon learn to be a grave mistake.

She also is one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. Peggy is the best.

Hermione Granger

Hermione is the namesake of my online name! I think Hermione is one of the most amazing fictional characters of all time. She is unashamedly proud of her wits, and isn’t afraid to show off her smarts. Hermione is never defined by her relationships and love interests, they are a part of her character, but that is all.

And she also helps to defeat the Dark Lord. There’s no way in hell Ron and Harry could have defeated him without her.

Annalise Keating

Annalise is a defence lawyer, and lecturer of law. She runs her own defence firm, and is always up for a challenge – legally or otherwise. She is strong in her career, her relationships and in training up the ‘Keating 5’. Annalise leads her employees through thick and thin. To be honest, that’s a major understatement for the things they’ve been through.

Plus a non-straight black woman as the main character?! Thank you HTGAWM for being the progressive show we so desperately need.

She is incredible. I can’t find the words to describe Annalise Keating.

Peggy Olson

I couldn’t not use this iconic shot of Peggy walking into her new office, after already having been underestimated by the men there, she intended to let them know she is more than their equal.

Peggy becomes the first female copyrighter in Sterling Cooper’s history, and faces a hell of a lot of challenges throughout her career, especially in getting her make co-workers to treat her as a god damn equal.

Peggy is so career focused for a long time, but realises that her personal relationships will give her happiness too.


Joan Holloway

In the early seasons of Mad Men, Joan utilises her gender as a way to make her life a bit easier – as easy as being a woman could in the 1960’s anyway. Men purposely think less of her, but she uses her looks to get her way in the office. Joan desired a rich husband and a life as a housewife in Manhattan.

Later, however, Joan is tired of the men underestimating her, and her abilities. She is tired of being used as a pretty pawn by the men in charge, despite being just as capable, and more so than some of them.

Her desire for a housewife’s life leaves her, she wants to create her own business empire, even, in the end of the series, abandoning someone she believes could be her one true love, to become a CEO of her own company.

Joan and Peggy are amazing characters to look at together. One completely love focused, finds her life in her career, the other career focused, realises love is something her life is lacking.

Daenerys Targaryen

A girl born in exile, sold into slavery by her older brother (you may love Khal Drogo, but let’s not forget that he purchased Daenerys as his child bride). Daenerys eventually leads a Khalasar, something unheard of for a woman, and becomes a ruler in her own stead, vowing to abolish slavery, before taking back the Iron Throne which she believes is rightfully her’s.

Daenerys’ name is feared across Essos by those in power, as they know she will come for their city, kill them, and free their slaves.¬†

Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is constantly berated for being a woman in armour. She is constantly abused for not being conventionally attractive in a world that only values women based on their appearance. Despite this, she becomes a knight in sworn service to many characters, and will fight for what she believes in right.

Brienne has proven herself just as capable, if not more so, than many of the best knights in Westeros, and even killing some legendary fighters.

Also, Gwendoline Christie is a national treasure.

Arya Stark

In one of the early episodes of Game of Thrones, Arya asks her father if she can become a knight. Ned, in response, tells her that she will have sons who will become knights. Arya tells him that isn’t her, nor who she will become.

And she was right! Despite being a child in an extremely sexist world, Arya has proven herself time and time again to be more adept than many of the men twice her age.

She fights back every time someone makes a sexist remark to her, and utilises her gender in many situations, such as sneaking into a brothel as a young prostitute to kill one of the men on her hit list.


Michonne is the badass katana wielding zombie apocolypse survivor we all dream of being. She is one of the strongest in the group, and has never hesitated in doing what must be done, no matter how unpleasant.

She has proven herself more than a fighter, in diplomacy and even as a police officer for a short while. Spoilers for recent episodes, but Michonne’s relationship with Rick, the main character, is new, but is not a defining part of her character thus far. Nothing in their dynamic has changed, nothing in the dynamic of the group has changed. Literally, the only difference has been some bumping uglies and some handholding.

Rosita Espinosa

Rosita is one of my favourite The Walking Dead characters, and she is sadly underused. But since we’ve seen her, she has been kicking ass anyway she can, my favourite being her snapping her hoop earrings into WOLVERINE CLAWS and killing walkers like that as she escaped from Terminus.

Plus her relationship with Abraham has NEVER been a defining feature of her character, to the point I forgot they were a couple.

Deanna Monroe

In the comics, Deanna’s character is a man. The show made a choice to make the leader of Alexandria a woman! This has been incredibly well received. Deanna managed to build up a community in the apocolypse, which thrived, and she ran this all herself. Everyone in the town respects the hell out of Deanna, she deserves that and more.

 General Leia Organa

In the first scene we meet Leia she takes on Stormtroopers and the Empire ALONE. She’s smart in her war tactics, and is not afraid to fight on the front lines.

Leia later sheds her title of Princess, and takes on the more befitting title of General, as she was one of the main commanders in defeating the Empire, and now is leading the Resistance against the First Order.

Leia is one of the most sexualised characters of all time, from a google search of her, it’s almost difficult to find an unsexualised picture. It’s a shame, as Leia is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and badass females in movie history.

Maka Albarn

Maka is surrounded by fuckboys, her father, specifically. Maka sets out to follow in her mother’s footsteps after her father was 1) absent 2) a cheater 3) all round bad parent. Soul Eater is a manga/anime which focuses heavily on comedy, so these issues aren’t really breached, but Maka is an independent character, who becomes one of the strongest meisters on the PLANET.

Not to mention, in the anime, she destroys the big bad guy by punching him in the face as hard as possible.

Elena Fisher

Elena is a reporter turned adventurer, and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, or jump into the fray. Even if Drake wants to keep her safe and out of reach, Elena is going to fight and probably end up saving him anyway.

Thank you for reading!

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