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Budapest – Part 2

Welcome to my second Budapest blog post, Budapost if you will, if you missed the first part, here it is!

So, this continues with the rest of my first day in Budapest, with crossing the Széchenyi chain bridge to Pest! This really reminded me of the Brooklyn bridge, although a fair bit shorter!

The views from the bridge were incredible – the river is so clean! So unlike the Mersey and the Thames, which are both brown and gross. Why do we have to pollute them?!

On arriving at the other side, we took a funicular, something that I hadn’t ever heard of, but apparently these are a thing in England?! It’s like a tram, but the tracks are at an angle of something like 45 degrees, as you can see below!

This took us to the level of Buda Castle, and WOW the views were incredible.

This is the chain bridge, and St Stephen’s Basilica.

These are some of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken. Budapest know how to illuminate their buildings, and you are going to be subjected to a million more pictures of this.

We, naturally, all had to take turns to pose with the amazing backdrop!! It looks greenscreened, it was so beautiful.

This is Mathias Church, resting atop Buda hill! The architecture is insane! Look at it!!

And the roof tiling is beautiful!

We then visited Fisherman’s Bastion, directly behind Mathias Church, which offers the most incredible views of all of Pest! There is also a bar at the top which does some amazing mulled wine. It was a great experience to be drinking hot mulled wine whilst sat in the cold and overlooking a beautiful European city with some of my best friends. One of those cheesy moments that you tell yourself to remember forever.

Budapest or Hogwarts?!

And one last shot of Parliament and the cityscape for good measure.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you next time for yet another Budapest post!

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