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Budapest – Part 1

Hello! I’ve just gotten back from spending a few days in Budapest, Hungary! Did you know it’s actually pronounced ‘Budapesch‘?! Neither did I! It’s also a city split by a river (the Danube) and on either side you have Buda and Pest!

Going away was the perfect way to blow off steam after a very stressful few weeks, and to spend some quality time with some of my favourite people. This is time to reminisce and not get sad that none of us will be living in the same city, or even county come July. Why does uni life have to come to an end?!

I’m going to split this up into areas/sections since I don’t really know how else to do it!

Margaret Island/Bridge

Margaret Island is a huge island in the middle of the Danube, which can be accessed via Margaret bridge, which also connects Buda and Pest.

This is the bridge as seen from the Pest side, which is where we stayed!

You may notice that there are no pictures of the Island, that’s as during winter most of it is closed down! It seems a place much better suited for summer, but it’s amazing that you can not only be in the middle of a city, but in the middle of a river, and only see trees when you look in every direction! I imagine in the summer the island is amazing, but during January it seemed to be full of runners! What an amazing place to exercise! I thought my running route between two Cathedrals in Liverpool was scenic!

This is the Hungarian Parliament building, which will be covered later on! It’s so beautiful!

Here’s a statue as the interlude between the bridge and the Parliament building.

Anna Kéthly was a politician who opposed the Communists in Hungary, and was arrested after they took over the country. After the Soviet Union controlled Hungary, she lived her life in exile.

Hungarian Parliament

As a Law student, going to Parliament was very exciting for me! Even though I have no desire to practice law.

The building started constructed in 1885, and as much as I love our own Parliament building, this one is a bit more photogenic, sorry Parliament.

The inside was like a castle, I guess the outside was too!

As a student and EU citizen, it only cost 1000 ft (about £2.50) for a guided tour in English! Amazing! So worth it, and we learned so much, such as that the crown traditionally worn by reigning Hungarian monarchs, when a monarchy still existed, is bent at the top. Because someone shut the little box it’s in too hard. I was expected some valiant battle story, but I’ll take that too

I left this little review after our tour around, obviously it involved a pun.

Here’s a few pictures of the surrounding areas!

I love city streets, it doesn’t matter which city, I just love long streets full of tall buildings! I don’t quite know why, but just walking around a city aimlessly is more than satisfying for me!

An area contained a small Holocaust memorial made by the citizens of Budapest out of their own individual additions. This was made because the Government erected a statue nearby which depicts Hungary as a victim only, and not as a country which originally supported the Nazi regime. Many believe this to be the Government attempting to hide the troubled past rather than owning up to it. You can read more by clicking on the picture below to enlarge it, it’s very interesting.

This square also contained memorials for both the Charlie Hebdo and the Paris attacks of November 2015.

Café Smúz

This cafe was oh so close to Parliament, and it is incredible!! Look at this adorable decor, I love plant shit. It’s some good plant shit.

This was my friend Sarah’s drink, it was some sort of berry lemonade, and cost somewhere between £3-4. You can barely get a coke in the UK for that price! I ended up eating a ton of the fruit and it made my day.

I had a piccolo latte, which I had never tried before. It was amazing. I am discovering that as I get older, I love any and all coffee. Give me all the coffee.

The Danube

The Danube river flows through or borders Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, making it the longest river in the European Union area!

It sounds completely ridiculous but it amazes me rivers can be this big, Britain is an island so everything leads straight to the sea! I grew up in a town on a river, sadly nowhere near as nice as this, despite probably being close to as wide.

We walked along it a few times, it’s so beautiful!

Gotta pose for some pictures along the way.

These shoes line the edge of the Danube as a memorial to the Jews who were forced to take their shoes off, stand at the edge, and then were shot into the river, as so their bodies fell into it’s freezing depths. The atrocities were committed by the Arrow Cross group between 1944-45.

This is where this post leaves off, I have a lot more pictures and places to share, but this post is long enough!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you’ll be back for part 2!

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