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What I got for Christmas


I hope any and all of you reading this post had a wonderful festive season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you enjoyed the little break you had from work/school/whatever.

Today I am here to share a few gifts I recieved for Christmas. Usually I hate Christmas hauls, as they seem a bit braggy and artificial to me at times. I know a lot of people simply do them because they’re requested or because it kinda is the big hot thing for bloggers/YouTubers this time of year, in fact, I think I’m rather late to the party, and it isn’t an ‘ego’ thing. But whatever, if it is, you do you and I’ll do me.

For me, this is more to document some of the things I was gifted by my brilliant family and friends, I couldn’t ask for better people in my life, except for Daisy Ridley. Daze, (can I call you Daze?), if you’re reading this, hmu.

I have a terrible memory, so this is my visual diary, and also, it’s an opportunity to photo some things on my marble vinyl.

The reason most of these pictures are at an angle is because of the bloody shadows cast by everything. I can’t control natural light, this is my one and only flaw.

LAPD’ 53 is a book about crimes committed in Los Angeles back in 1953, and it’s full of grissly pictures of murder scenes and explanations of how these things were committed. It’s the type of stuff I always find myself diving into late at night on and then I’m not able to sleep. So you know what’s better? Having actual physical pictures of mutilated bodies!

Various other books, including a cocktail book based on films (I am in love, who wants an ‘Indiana Jones and the Shirley Temple of Doom’???),  Malala’s book, I think she’s amazing, Tina Fey’s book, she too is amazing, and a Japan guide! I’m going in 3 months and I cannot wait!

Hopefully I shall be turning into Theo James any day now.

I’m so in love with these pencils, thank you to my sister Suzanne for these. I’m going to write all sorts of shit down.

This Star Wars washbag is for children, but I love the design of First Order Stormtroopers and so I love this.

Whiskey is my drink of choice at the minute, and how can it not be when it comes with a cute diagram of how it’s distilled?!?

This Reiss bath collection isn’t mine, it’s actually my dad’s! However, I have an unhealthy love for Reiss, unhealthy for my wallet, as I cannot afford anything from there, and now I own something! Seriously, the only

 thing I have ever seen in my price range was a light blue plain T-shirt in the sale.

 Plus I love all skin care things and he isn’t so into that, so he didn’t mind passing it on!

Thank you father for this splendid regift!

File these under, David loves body washes and skin shit

I Lush hauled from friends and family! Y’all know me so well. The sad thing is, I was planning on having an amazing Christmas Eve lush bath, and then the boiler died on the 23rd! We haven’t had hot water since, which has meant showers at my sister’s house, and washes out of the sink via a kettle. I’m going back to Liverpool to my non-bathed flat in less than a week, so most of these probably won’t get used for a long while yet!

However, the Yog Nog soap will, as I can use that hand soap back in my flat, thanks Amy!

For anyone interested there’s:

Yog Nog bathbomb

Butterbear bathbomb

Yog Nog Soap

The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar

Shoot for the Stars bathbomb

2016 is the year I want men to start using lush unabashedly. If having a bath that is blue and makes your skin feel amazing isn’t masculine enough for you, you are truly missing out my friend.

Masculinity is fragile so break it and never look back. It’s a social construct anyway.

Who gives a crap if you have a glittery pink bath, you’ll feel fucking great.

I’ve owned Cards Against Humanity for a long time now and been a fan of it for YEARS, does anyone else remember the dark days before it was officially sold in the UK? My friends and I wrote out an entire deck by hand once because of this. Bear in mind it’s like 500 cards.

We now have it so easy, I have replayed my (actually printed properly) deck so much that it sometimes loses it’s charm, and now I have new cards to mix in! I can’t wait!

I have been cutting down on sugar but no one in my life wishes to help me in this quest. I’ve always had a pretty bath sweet tooth, and i think I’m set for a good while!

And of course, now it’s dark I’ve realised I have forgotten to photograph a few of my favourite gifts, an amazing Darth Vader cushion that comes with pockets (to fill with snacks) from my sister Angela, and an amazing whiskey decanter, just like Don Draper’s, from my flatmate Anna!

I shall also be doing a new skincare/body products (what is the encompassing term for all this crap?) post soon enough, once I’ve tried more of them. Not being able to have a shower at home is kinda hindering it since I have so many shower/bath related products. I can say one of the Fat Face body wash’s did wonders in my out of the sink wash yesterday.

I had an amazing holiday period surrounded by the people that I love, spending days with them eating and drinking, and in true me style, I got ill a few days after Christmas. It happens every year! Now it’s sadly time to go back to the real world, that coursework isn’t going to write itself.

Thanks for reading, see you soon! Maybe before the New Year, maybe after, I have no clue.

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