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Hogwarts. | Outfit Inspo

Primark sells oh so much stuff with Hogwarts on it. Or some sort of Harry Potter reference on. In fact, I bought another Harry Potter piece of clothing from Primark the other day, that makes 5 or 6 or something that I own now. I need to stop. Hell, I even made my own modern Gryffindor uniform cosplay.

Here is another outfit inspo post, this one is much more simple than the last few have been.

Plus, please ignore the fact that my jumper is majorly creased, outfit blogposts are not so glamorous to pull off. I always imagined it was much more glitzy and amazing.

It’s a little weird looking at these pictures now, these were taken about a month ago, and since I’ve had a haircut (and an extreme skin breakout, why, life, why?)


Hogwarts Jumper – £10 – Primark (last year, no website)

Women’s Chelsea Boots – £8 – Primark (no website)

Black Jeans – £30 – Topman

I’m doing my Michael Fassbender face.

I absolutely adore this jumper, it’s so comfy, it’s maroon (which makes me think of Gryffindor) and is Harry Potter related. All great things.

Once again, thanks to Ren for taking the pics!

Thanks for reading friends!!

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