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The way I deal with stress can be described as anything from ‘extremely mature adult’ all the way to ‘why is that grown man crying and eating sat in a puddle of his own tears’.

Sadly, last week was more so the latter than the former! This time of year is always hectic for everyone for so many reasons, and November seems to be where it sets in, at least for me anyway!

I decided last week I’d write out and post a few of the things stressing me out, of course I naturally forgot to do this and now we’re on Monday of the following week.

Usually I only like to post blogposts with pictures, but daylight is now a luxury, thanks to the great British weather. I saw street lights on at 1:30pm, it sucks. So the lightning for pictures has become almost non-existant, and I’ve been struggling with early mornings because, well I’m gonna blame it on being ill the week before last and being a bit ill last week also.

Here are some things that managed to stress me out:

  • Uni
  • Coursework titles being released
  • Going back to work
  • Going back to work to a new job
  • Not having the time to watch Jessica Jones on Netflix
  • Christmas prep
  • Not knowing when I’m working over Christmas
  • Amazon sending me Christmas presents damaged
  • Being tired 24/7
  • My Avengers blanket not being snuggly enough
  • The cliffhangers The Walking Dead leaves on every week, and now the midseason finale’s cliffhanger.
  • Trying to win tickets to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere in London and not winning
  • Deadlines
  • Having to balance my diet
  • Having to restrict my dairy intake when cereal is my favourite food and I am in a swing of loving coffee and hot chocolates at the minute. Life is cruel.

Half of these were real dumb, but hey that’s my life.

This week I feel a lot better, health wise and motivation wise. I still have a crapton of balls in the air but I can deal with it, as I always do!

I shall get back to real posts soon enough because it’s December as of tomorrow and I frigging love Christmas, so I need to get festive.

I only have one thing left, to ask you a question.


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