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Fresh starts

Today is Wednesday 16th September, this is a great day, not only because the Great British Bake Off is on tonight, but also as this is my first full day in my new flat in Liverpool.

I moved in yesterday, and because of the sheer amount of crap that accompanies me, it took me until around 6:30pm last night to finish unpacking. I guess in a way it continued until this morning, as I only set up my Wii U an hour ago.

I had been awaiting yesterday for a while. Whilst I 100% love being at home and seeing my family all the time and seeing friends who I don’t see so often, every time I go home it feels like there is less and less there for me. I keep in touch with less friends, I don’t have anywhere to go because my hometown is very high on the ‘crap town’ scale, and I generally feel a little demotivated, because that town isn’t my home anymore. My familial home is there, and there are people I love there, but it isn’t my home. I feel no love or connection to that town anymore. Even though I worked there, even though I grew up there, I have 0 desire to live there full term, apart from the fact my parents are there.

Being back feels amazing already, I feel so happy and motivated to get stuff done, hell it’s 11:35 and I’ve already done a ton of things on my to do list, and I’m planning on crossing off a few more before going on a run to the post office and also going to get a pumpkin spice latte- yes, I am one of those. But I get mine iced, because I’m even more basic.

This room feels more like my room than my ACTUAL room at home. I don’t know why, but it does. I love my room at home, but tastes change, and I don’t like the fact everything is green and cluttered, even though a few years ago I loved that. Now my room is white and a little bit busy. It’s taken me until now to realise that busy and cluttered are two completely different words!

This has turned into a bit of a babble, so I hope you’ve enjoyed interspersed pictures of my new room, and of Liverpool.┬áThis is my supposed last year in Liverpool, as my plan for the past couple of months has been to move to London following graduation. My ‘aim’ is to move to London next September/October, however a huge amount of factors play into that, and it could very easily be pushed back. I’m also not 100% if I’m ready to leave Liverpool yet. Ask me again in 9 months and my answer could be very different, but as of right now it’s a no. I love this city and I know this city, yet there’s so much I don’t know, there’s tons of people that I love here and it’s close to home and my sister’s homes too.

But I’ve always felt London is kinda the place for me, especially if I want to get into the digital media relations industry somehow. That ‘scene’ isn’t really up here, so it’s not only a personal move, but one for a career. I do love London with all my heart, but I also love Liverpool the same amount.

Oh how I wish they were one city.

There will be a room tour coming to my YouTube channel soon (links all over the place on this blog) and I hope you enjoy following my adventures this year!

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