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I was actually going to write a different blogpost today, but it turned out I hadn’t taken the pictures for that like I had thought, nope I’d actually taken pictures of my desk. So that’s what I’m now writing about.

I have had this desk for YEEAAAARS but the other day, I suddenly decided to change it all about. I wish I’d taken a before photo, I’m sure there’s tons buried on some external harddrive somewhere. I kinda neglect this desk nowadays, as I only come home from uni from time to time, but I am here over summer, so I did a little rearrange, just to make me feel a but more motivated and to change my environment just a tiny bit.

This is what it now looks like. It’s a standard black ikea desk, with a whole lot of crap on and that has suffered a whole ton of wear as you can see.

I have Eeeveelution tomy figures on the top, I’m missing Sylveon but I plan to buy them when I am actually in Japan next year! I mainly have these because 1) Eevees are awesome 2) they super colourful.

This Star Wars postcard collection thing I bought from LFCC. I LOOOOVE these posters.


Raikou is another one of my favourite Pokemon, and I’ve had this figure on my desk for years now.

These figures are from the anime/manga K-ON! Which is one of my all time favourite anime. I adore it and it got me through high school! These little figures are nendoroid petites of the Light Music Club (keionbu) which form the band HTT in the series. The goal they set at the start is to perform as Budokan, a large arena in Tokyo, which is why I wrote that on the whiteboard!!

I also have a few Pokemon ‘kid’ figures of some of my favourite Pokemon here! These are mostly Pokemon that I’ve trained in games.

More Eevees. Because Eevees.

And a hell of a lot of stationary (and an external hard drive), including my James and Friends from my last post.

Sorry for the quick post! But please appreciate my desk while it isn’t completely dirty, because it being black makes it look filthy constantly.

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