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Why you should care about Agent Carter

Agent Carter is finally coming to the UK, here’s a little intro and why you should give a shit about this.

If you don’t know, Agent Carter centres around Agent Peggy Carter, who assisted to end the war with people such as Captain America, settles into a post-war life in New York city, working for the S.S.R. And despite being so incredibly┬áimportant in ending the war, Peggy is put down constantly for being a woman. Her achievements in the war are boiled down to a love affair with Captain America by most. And her daily routine has shifted from saving lives and kicking Nazi ass to collecting the lunch orders of all the men in the office. And obviously, Peggy is unsatisfied with that and goes and kicks ass.

It’s so interesting to see how women were treated at that time. The feminist movement still has a long way to go now in 2015, but holy hell has change happened since the 40’s. Peggy is subject to sexist comments almost ALWAYS by almost the entire cast. Barely anyone treats women like humans, even other women join in on this. However, the show does not let this stop it. The women are written like humans…because you know, they ARE!? It’s sad how rare it is to see a female character written like any other character would be. Women are exploited as sexual objects in the media, or used to talk about men always. Peggy and Angie couldn’t give two shits about men. There’s real change that needs to happen and they aren’t afraid to make it happen.

Oh and have I mentioned that Hayley Atwell, who plays the titular character, is a FREAKING BADASS. Not only is she a huge feminist, she replies to fans, and will tweet out pictures of pictures, letters, etc that fans have given her at conventions. I’m meeting her at a convention next week. I am travelling all the way to London just to meet her. I fucking love her.

And there has been a huge #DiversifyAgentCarter movement, as the show is overwhelmingly white. Hayley was onboard and was constantly tweeting about it, and she even tweeted that it was brought up in season 2 planning, by someone who wasn’t her! So it really looks like Agent Carter could become one of the most progressive shows out there.

ANNNND Hayley said she was totally up for Peggy and Angie (Cartinelli) becoming a couple, which made hundreds of fans rejoice. We could soon have a show full of diversity, feminism and LGBTQ+ characters. I’m all in. Off the top of my head, Orange is the New Black is the only show with this, and does it well. We need more, and Agent Carter could be just that.

Agent Carter premieres tonight on FOX at 9pm.

That’s in the UK. U.S, you’ve had it for months, I’m sure you can find it somewhere, y’all had months to watch it anyway.

And of course I have not seen a single episode as it isn’t out in the UK legally yet. I have no clue about anything. I haven’t seen a single scene. What even is this show?? I know nothing. Nothing at all.

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