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Oh Me Oh My // Goodness Gracious

The week before last I went to Oh Me Oh My, a restaurant on Water Street in Liverpool.

There’s an amazing roof garden terrace, so we naturally ate up there, even though it was a very overcast day and started raining while we were there.


Also I’m still getting used to using Calvin the camera, and most of my photos were overexposed (like the Maroon 5 album, yes) but these ones were salvageable! Sadly most of the pictures of the view were too awful. So you’re just gonna have to visit to see it for yourself!!

I also had an amazing burger, which they BBQ there!! On the roof! In the middle of a city!! Well, it’s kinda at the edge of the city. Isn’t it weird how in most cities, the city centre IS the centre, but with Liverpool, the city centre is where the city ends, as it’s on a river! Weird right?!


I think it would be amazing first date place, so date me so I can go again.

It’s affordable, cheap, very Pinterest and VERY instagrammable so I don’t think you have much reason not to go if you’re in Liverpool. I will definitely be coming back!

The only issue is that it’s only open during the week, so get down here if you’re at Uni/don’t work standard work hours! It’s great!

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