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Body Shop Discoveries

Today I was having a bit of a down day, and thought I’ll put on Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits album (there’s no get pumped jam like ‘Breakaway’ in existence, call me if you find a better one), whipped out my camera, and deciding to film a video and take some blogging pictures.

Thank you for motivating me Kelly.

So, I only delved into the skin care world about a year or two ago, and only extremely recently have I started utilising the Body Shop. And I shall never look back. I LOVE IT.

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Body Shop products that I’ve been using at the mo’!

Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel – £4

Whilst I have this written as £4, I actually got this for free! I spent a certain amount online, which honestly wasn’t much, I only ordered 3 items (not listed as they were gifts…mostly) and I had a 40% off code!  This was a freebie, and it’s so refreshing and I’m kinda in love.

I would never have chosen pink grapefruit myself if I were shopping, but it appealed to me the most of our the three freebie options, and I’m so glad I tried it out. I can’t believe it was for free. It’s baller.

P.s. it seems the larger bottle is on sale at the minute!!

Virgin Mojito Shower Gel – £4

The Mojito range at The Body Shop is a new one, and holy crap if it isn’t amazing. This smells INCREDIBLE! It smells just like a mojito, and I haven’t actually ingested any yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know if it tastes any similar.

As this is a Virgin shower gel there is no alcohol in it, I’m sure that settles the mind of all 0 of you who cared because I bet you’re all too busy being annoyed that you didn’t think of making a cocktail scented body range first. I know that I am.

It’s so invigorating and fresh, and could be my favourite shower gel of all time, it at least draws with So White from Lush. But maybe this wins because it should be a year round thing.

Please never get rid of the mojito range. PLEASE.

Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash – £5

I’m onto my second tube of this and hot damn it actually works.

I stopped using any products on my skin to see what happened. There were a few amazing days, then all of a sudden, I had some HORRIFIC skin. I felt ashamed having to show my face in work and deal with people all day whilst I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. This isn’t me saying you should feel ashamed with spots, I just don’t feel like me when all I can focus on is blemishes on my face. Wow how much does this last paragraph sound like an infomercial?!

I used this and my skin felt amazing the next day. Redness was reduced and the spots were going! I’ve been using this twice a day, in the morning before I shower and before I go to bed at night. My skin is slowly coming into line. I have sensitive AF skin and this is doing wonders for it.

Vitamin E Eyes Cube – £8

Honestly, I haven’t used this enough to tell if it truly works. I have terrible bags under my eyes because I don’t sleep very well. I’m an absolutely awful sleeper. Also I stay up reading and watching Mad Men instead of sleeping.

I like how this product is packaged, it’s kinda like a lipstick the way you twist it and apply it and I’m sure you can tell me that I’m not a beauty blogger by the way I described this. I’ve used a few different eye roll on type things before, but none like this, and I quite like it!

Maybe I’ll update you after I start using this more than once every few days when I remember to.

Thanks for reading, sorry that this is the first ‘real’ post I’ve made in ages!!

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