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At what point does a tree become a blog

I felt like sharing some pictures from a park trip with one of my friends a few weeks ago, I took my camera as I’m still getting used to it.

I also still haven’t worked out how to change the lense or take off the lense hood, so I’m obviously not very good at it yet lmao.

This picture actually inspired the blogpost title, as I wondered when a tree trunk became a log, and then it escalated to blog. It sounds dumb written down but I guess that is how inside jokes go!

 Underneath here I wrote some stuff when I was sleepy and it looks like shit got deep. But w/e here it is:

I’m beginning to miss the city. Nature is fun and all, but I miss the busyness of a city. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever feel fully settle in a town or village or whatever ever again. I’m sure I could and possibly will, but right now that feels almost impossible.

Strange how a few years ago I thought I could live in my hometown forever, now even the thought of it makes me sick.

I love the people I love here, but I hate the place.

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