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Update: freedom, moving, working

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to write a post, even if right now I’m lying in bed so I’m not sat at all. I kinda am, I’m propped up on pillows. This is so irrelevant.

Anyway I have a few things to discuss here:


Exams are over, finally. It’s been a very, very hard couple of weeks. You always think uni won’t be that bad because you have less exams, I thought this about A levels too, and both times I couldn’t have been so wrong. It got to the point where I was working almost 12 hours everyday, and I feel even that wasn’t enough. It even got to the point where I had to stifle tears of relief after finishing my final exam. It was bad, however it was the first exam period where I didn’t either have a minor panic attack or a crippling moment of anxiety. There was a lot of stress and a lot of anxious feelings, but not like the last few. I actually deal rather well under stress, but I always have that one hour or so where I have to let everything out before I can get back to work.

I’m so incredibly happy to be free from them, although I can’t really get used to it, I feel like I need to be productive 24/7. Which is good, but I’ve been trying to break that cycle and learn how to relax. I spent yesterday playing a lot of Splatoon which helped! I do have a list of summer projects that I can crack on with soon enough.

I’m very thankful that next year I only have 3 exams over the entire year. Having 4 huge ones over 2 weeks was hard.


I’m moving out of the flat I have lived in pretty much full time since early September. This has upset me much more than I was expecting. I’ve become so attached to it, which is obvious really, it’s been my home for months! Of course I’m going to be sad to leave it.

More than that, I’m going to miss seeing the city skyline every morning when I wake up, and I’ll miss living about 3 feet from some of my closest friends. Uni is great because you get to meet people from all over the world, but this time of year is both happy and sad, as you know you won’t be seeing some friends for an extremely long time. So many of my friends are now all over the country, or all over America, Europe and Asia. It’s bittersweet being done with exams, because it means you’re not gonna see some close friends for ages. Of course, it’s going to be amazing to spend more time with my friends from home, but like how uni friends do not replace home friends, home friends don’t replace uni friends! I wish there was someway to have everyone together at once.

I’m really gonna miss being walking distance of pretty much everything I could want to do, or at the very least, having to hop a taxi. I always think Liverpool is just a mighty condensed version of London. There’s so much to do, everywhere, but it’s all so close. I live within a 15 minutes walk of so many amazing bars and restaurants. I can’t even count how many, seriously! Living here has been great.

It’s gonna suck being at home and completely dependant on my Dad to drive me around if something is too far away. I wish so badly I could afford to get insured on his car, at least then I could drive myself sometimes.

And it’s gonna reaalllly suck not being able to do amazing things on impulse. Like just deciding to go to a new bar or restaurant that’s opened, or go to the docks, or the museums or a show or anything! Home can’t even compare. All there is to do is go to Starbucks or Wetherspoons. I wish we had more easily available to us. It’s so amazing to see home friends, I have well and truly missed them all over the past few weeks/months. I just wish there were even better things we could do easily.

At least I’ll be back in September for my final year of living in Liverpool. I’m going to make the most of it. You’re at uni to learn, yes, but when you’re paying ¬£9,000 a year, plus rent, you need to make sure you look back at these years as incredibly fun, not as stressful as hell. Getting an education is important, but enjoying yourself in this period of life which will soon be gone forever is too! Never again will I live so close to so many friends, never again will my schedule be like this! It’s too good to spend it all stressed out!


I applied to so many summer jobs/placements. One I got, a placement I did not, and another job seemingly never replied to anyone who applied, as I know others who applied to! Which is a shame because that job was perfect for me. I’m now working in a supermarket. The pay is good, and there are tons of hours available to me, to make money to go to Japan in 2016! I’m going to try earn as much as I can, so that I can hopefully go on a cheap post-graduation trip with my uni chums next summer. We’ll see though, these goals are kinda ambitious.

I’m very glad to be working, I didn’t last summer and it got boring fast. There’s only so much Netflix you can binge. Plus working will motivate me to actually make the most of my free time. When it’s a bit more limited it’s a lot of more special than having 3 months to sit around doing nothing for.

Sorry for a huge wall of text.

Also I’m internally freaking out because a model I fancy like hell has just liked 2 of my instagrams and they don’t even follow me. I need to chill TF out, but my thirst is unquenchable. And on that note, this is over.

If any of you made it this far,  thank you for reading it, I really appreciate you putting up with my babble. There will be more posts soon, I miss writing, I miss taking pictures, I just need to get some posts lined up.

Thanks team! See you later!

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