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New Camera, New Fun

A few days ago it was my flatmate, Stacy‘s birthday! We (Stacy, Anna + I) went to Bill’s for a late breakfast/brunch, and I took my new camera (Calvin the Canon 60D) out with me for the first time to test it out.

I have no clue what that watermelon drink was, but I had an iced coffee, it was amazing and I’m still not entirely sure what that stuff on top was.

I can’t remember what this was called on the menu, but I had eggs Benedict + salmon on a toasted breakfast muffin! It was amazing, eggs Benedict is my favourite thing to get if I eat breakfast out. Mainly because I have no idea how to make it myself.

This was the only picture of me taken, I look kind of frantic. I’m feeling these sunglasses though- they were only £4 from h+m!!

There’s a women in the city campaign on in Liverpool at the minute which is AMAZING! I didn’t get a chance to look at these, but I’m going to make sure to when I can! Good job Liverpool!

We then went into town shopping, well my flatmates did and I did boring things like ask about my phone at the Apple Store and buy compressed air to clean my camera. Whilst they were trying things on, I went to the Bluecoat, which is right near Primark, and took some pictures.

I’ve never actually been in, I just stayed outside and took these photos. It’s also the oldest building in Liverpool! How cool!

I also took some pictures of School Lane, which the Bluecoat is on. I also instagrammed one of these (follow me plz I’m trying to be great at instagram)

And finally, a view of the city skyline from my flat which is not really my flat anymore, I’m still a tenant for a few weeks but I don’t live there now. Thinking about that for too long makes me sad.

Click on these pictures to see them much larger, they look much better that way, trust me! I might have to change my blog layout to accommodate for larger pictures!

Thanks for reading!

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