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Tyler Oakley’s Slumber Party!

Hi everyone!

As a well welcomed break from revision, I went to Tyler Oakley‘s Slumber Party tour in Manchester on Saturday night!

This was pretty amazing, Tyler has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a few years now, so it was awesome to see him. The last time I saw Tyler was at SITC 2014 on a panel about working with brands in the YouTube industry. (Ps. if you’re going to SITC this year, I really recommend that you hit up the panels, they’re really interesting and it’s a nice way to learn more about your favourite YouTubers)

As it was a slumber party, sleepwear was essential! This is not the best selfie, but at least you can see that I’m wearing a onesie.  (I’m a monkey)

Yep, I wore a onesie in public. In Manchester City Centre. That was an experience I won’t forget soon. Especially as there was another gig on in the Academy 2 next door, which seemed to be a metal/rock band, so there couldn’t have been more of a contrast between teens in PJs and people with huge beards and tattoos.

On everyone’s seat, there was a bookmark for Tyler’s upcoming book ‘Binge’! I’ve already preordered mine and I recommend that you do the same!

Here’s the Amazon link.

Naturally Korey Kuhl dropped in!!

As did the one and only Queen Jackie!

Sorry that all these pictures are terrible. I left my camera at home and for some reason took all these in portrait?! Who have I become?!

There was a random drawing of people to go backstage and sadly we did not get chosen, however the people sat directly next to us did! I was jealous, but they cried with happiness so I think they may have deserved it a bit more than I did!

Thanks for reading squad!

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