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Keep me out of Lush

Hello everyone!

So I counted the amount of Lush products I had in my bathroom the other day, and I counted 13. Oops. I don’t even have a bath so I don’t own any of that stuff.

Then I recounted and realised I only have 8 products, which you can see down below (except the hand soap which is sat in it’s home [the sink].)

I have no clue how I counted 13. I’m still confused about that.

I thought we’d have a laid back post today in which I tell you what products I like to rub all over my pasty body.

You all vomited at that mental image.

From L-R:

Mask of Magnaminty Face and Back Pack

I love this so much, it dries out spots so quickly and leaves your skin feeling minty fresh.

Eau Roma Water

This is a good water to just spritz on your face if you need a refresher, or to wipe all the dirt and grossness off of your face.

So White Shower Gel (I can’t find this on the site because it’s seasonal)

This was a Christmas special edition and I have used it oh so sparingly because I want it to last because it smells INCREDIBLE! It smells like apples and I feel like Snow White and I smell amazing which is good because I imagine my natural smell isn’t like apples.

Sparkle Toothy Tabs

I stopped using these, and I need to get back into them because my teeth are yellow and these actually do make them all sparkly and white.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

I was recommended to use this by a friend, and I’m glad that I bought it! It smells great. I feel clean. That’s all there is to a shower gel really.

Grease Lightning  Spot Treatment

I have awful skin and this zaps my spots away. I thank everything for bringing this into my life.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I like this but I always drop it and have to bend over in my tiny shower cubicle and it’s not a good time, I need to get better at using this because it smells amazing.

That’s everything Lush I have at the minute. Maybe after exams I’ll buy some more, maybe some bath stuff because I need to start appreciating having a bath when I’m not in Liverpool!!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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