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I’m the worst blogger on Earth

Hello everyone,

I’m very sorry, I’ve been a terrible blogger the past few weeks! It’s ever since I finished University for Easter and came home! I don’t really have a proper workstation here and I miss everything being beautifully white for pictures.

Also, I’ve been so uncreative this past few weeks and have binged on video games, films, anime and TV, when usually I want to make my own things and be productive, but lately I’ve wanted to just lounge around and do nothing. This is finally beginning to shift, but I’ve had a very unmotivated patch, though I haven’t been in one of these ruts in a while, so it was to be expected I guess! No one can keep going all the time or you’re burn yourself out.

Plus I’ve barely touched my laptop lately, which is insane since I usually can’t deal with being more than 5 feet from it at anytime.

Sorry for a rambley explanation of why I’m a bad blogger but also please don’t leave me because I love you and it makes me happy when people click on my things.

Here is a nice instagram of the sea to make up for it:

Except that’s not actually the sea. I’m gonna post pictures of a bunch of chocolate and things soon, if I don’t eat them first. So look forward to the possibility of that maybe occurring.

Thanks! See you later!

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