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Playlist of February

I probably should have posted this in February, rather than on 4th March.

Especially as now all the music I’m listening to can’t go onto this post! I have to wait until next month!

I generally intend to make this a Spotify thing, linking my personal playlist at the end, updated with all of the songs I have been obsessed with throughout the month, however for the majority of February, I was listening to an album that isn’t on Spotify.

And you can probably guess what album that is, from the last sentence there.

Yes, I have been obsessed with 1989 by Taylor Swift. And I’m only a million months late to it!

I borrowed the album from my roommate Stacy, and never looked back. It has been constantly on repeat whilst walking to uni, or doing work, housework, or generally when I just want some music in the background.

I completely understand the hype around this album now, and why it became the fastest selling album in years!

There’s no filler, and no songs that I want to skip. I could, and have, listened to it for hours on repeat uninterrupted.

My favourite songs from it are Welcome to New York and Out of the Woods, which haven’t been released at singles, let us hope that they will be at some point.

That’s why this post has been filled with the videos for the songs that have, well, gotten videos! Out of these, Blank Space is my favourite. It’s just so empowering, how Tay Tay decided to screw the media over by becoming exactly what they wanted for a 4 minute video and song, and then completely dominating the charts for weeks with it.

You go Tay Sway!!

Here’s some links to buy the album:



I was sceptical to invest in this, as CDs are expensive, but now that knowing it’s so great, I would tell my 4 month ago self to buy it and NOT REGRET THAT DECISION.

That’s my music love for the month! March’s will be more varied, I can promise you that.

In fact, I’ve started updating my Spotify playlist with some songs of March already:

Thanks for reading!

See you later!!

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