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Pin board personality!

Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you the pin board that I have in my room at University.

Most university halls, flats and a few houses come with a pin board nowadays. Now I’m thinking about that, and I’m kinda confused. I guess it’s to hang your timetable and university related things.

That isn’t what I’ve done with mine though!

Mine is covered in postcards and the such like!

Pretty much all of them I’ve bought from Paperchase, the best stationary store in the history of the forever, for 60p each!! That’s a bargain!

Generally, I go in and buy 4 or so at a time, so it’s only £2.40 at once!

These are some of my favourites, that remind me, every time I look up, of my goal to move to London in the next few years! I love that city so much, and these make me pretty damn excited.

Also that map reminds me how much I want to travel! Which I, with some luck, could be doing next year.

There’s also a list there with a bunch of TV shows that I want to watch/re-watch.

This one may be slightly out of season but I love it all the same.

I also have a few motivational postcards directly above my laptop.

It’s a nice to remind myself that I am, in fact, ‘dino-mite’ every morning.

These are from an Andy Warhol exhibit which was at the Tate in Liverpool recently. These were 80p each, as the exhibition was coming to an end in a few days! The gun piece was one of my favourites. My actual favourite was his Statue of Liberty piece, but there wasn’t a postcard of that one!

I also keep a few concert tickets/passes/whatever over here. The vast majority of these are at home, like home home, and now looking at this, I’m noticing that some are missing, like my PMJ concert ticket.

I also have this cool stag’s head above my desk, I think this was only £3.75 or so, and it’s one of my favourite things that I have here at university.

So, over summer, I’m planning on doing a university series of posts, about getting used to living away from home, and also on a lot of things to do with having a new bedroom, like what things you can bring to make it feel like your own room, and other stuff along those lines! I guess you could say this is the first, or a sneak peek of those!

Making your pin board bright and full of fun things that you really like can massively improve your room! If it were just black and plain, it would be lame! And not very personal.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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