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Tanya Burr Manchester ‘Love, Tanya’ Book Signing

Hello everybody!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Manchester for Tanya Burr‘s book signing. If you don’t know, Tanya Burr is a YouTuber who covers beauty, baking, tags/challenges and a whole bunch of things! She has amassed, as of writing this, almost 3 MILLION subscribers. Which is…insane! She deserves every single one.

Tanya is one of my favourite YouTubers, as she is so sweet, kind and geniune. I especially love her vlogs, something about the way she does it makes them my absolute favourite to watch. And I watch A LOT of vlogs!

These accompanied in my Uni bag yesterday morning. I was armed with my own copy of Love, Tanya, which I am around 75% of the way through, my ticket for the event, my real surname is carefully covered as I like keeping that mystery alive! And a little card I wrote some cheesy sentimental stuff in, to give to Tanya.

I had a 2 hour lecture before heading down to Lime Street station, to get the train to Manchester. I had the best feta cheese pasta salad on the way. Thank you Marks and Spencer.

I went with my two flatmates, Stacy and Anna, as well as Stacy’s younger sister. I think, barring parents, we were the oldest people there. I guess though it was 1pm on a Wednesday, so most people are in work. Lucky for us, there are no lectures on a Wednesday afternoon!

My head is so bizarre in this picture of Stacy and I as I was taking the picture with my non-dominant-selfie hand, which caused me far too much confusion.

I can’t remember if I intended to take this picture of my feet or not. Here it is, anyway.

We were some of the last people to go in as we only arrived at the venue at around 1pm because we had university in the morning, and had to travel from Liverpool, so there weren’t a whole lot of books left when we got our copies!

This wristband is now pinned to the big pin board thing in my bedroom, along with my VIP Miranda Sings wristband, and my wristband from Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online signing. I vlogged that day, which you can watch here. It’s one of my most popular videos, I can’t believe it’s had almost 600 views!

No posed pictures with Tanya were allowed sadly, I assume to due to time constraints! This was the only snap of her I have. To assure you, she is just as kind, sweet and beautiful in real life!

I’ve met a few YouTubers and I usually always have something to say, of course I completely blanked when I met Tanya…oops!!

Here is my ‘haul’ from the day. Ish, as I already had one copy of the book! Now I have 2 signed copies! As well as a small poster, which is already on my wardrobe door!

I had a really fun time, and it was so great to be able to meet one of my favourite YouTubers, even if for only a minute or so.

Make sure to check out Tanya’s book, Love, Tanya. Here are some links:

Amazon (Hard and Kindle copy available)


Book Depository

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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