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Staycation #1

Hello everyone!

We have a few days of more interesting blogposts here on!!

This past weekend, my friend Amy and I, had a staycation in Liverpool. A staycation is essentially a vacation in your local area! For us, that is Liverpool! It’s amazing how many of the touristy places that you miss in your own hometown. When you sit down and think about it, you’ve probably not done too many of them.

I’m not entirely sure how many blogposts this series is going to take, I’ve scheduled it for 3 posts, up until Wednesday, but we’ll see as I write!

On Friday evening, we ate at Bakchich with my roommates. Bakchich is a restaurant that serves Lebanese street food, and it’s located on Bold Street, which is one of my favourite places in Liverpool.

I forgot to take a picture of my food, and of the restaurant from the outside, but I did take a few. After the meal. Again I apologize for that, but I was so hungry! I ordered an amazing smoothie made of oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries, and a vegetarian meze platter. That consisted of falafel, a lot of different salads, and oh so much hummus. I ate chickpea in various forms.

We then attempted to go to the Cavern Club on Matthew Street, which is famed for being the birthplace of The Beatles. Maybe Friday night wasn’t the best time to go, as Matthew Street was absolutely rammed, and it cost £4 to enter! Plus everybody looked about double our age. Before then, I’d only ever been to Matthew Street in the day and it’s always been pretty empty, it was surprising to see just how busy it gets of an evening.

We ended up in the Slug and Lettuce. These are pretty much everywhere in the UK, and if you are over 18 you should totally go to one and try some cocktails. They’re 2 for 1 and INCREDIBLE. One of my favourites is the Dark and Stormy.

Maybe that will be all for the first post, as it covers Friday. Obviously Saturday was a busier day, as Friday only truly started at 8pm!

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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