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Reading, Read and to Read #2

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my 2nd Reading, Read and to Read. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a monthly series in which I run through what books I am currently reading, what I have finished reading in the last month, and what is on my pile of books to read.

Here is the link to last month’s, as I won’t talk too much about some of the overlapping books.

I have to admit I haven’t read a ton this month. But now I’m thinking about it, I did finish 2 books, start and finish another, and start another book, which I’m about 85% of the way through. Maybe I read more than I realise.

Here is this month’s pile of books to be featured! Let’s start with the returning books from last month:

The Maze Runner by James DashnerTO READ

I promise I’ll get around to it.

Yes Please by Amy PoehlerREAD

This book was fantastic, and gave me such a wonderful insight into one of my favourite comedians/actresses. This book is so funny, smart and loving. And also has a picture of Amy Poehler dressed as a boat captain with a beard.

After reading this book, I ended up getting completely obsessed with Parks and Recreation, which is ending tomorrow! I’m all caught up, and ready to bawl at the series finale.

I would recommend this book to everyone, I truly feel like I’ve taken a lot from it.

Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones by Bryan Cogman – READING

I still haven’t read anymore of this book. oops.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch – READ

Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch – TO READ

Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch – TO READ

I finished Rivers of London a few weeks ago now, and I’m itching to start Moon Over Soho. I felt like I needed a bit of a break though, as whilst I absolutely loved Rivers of London, I did find parts of it quite complicated and was left feeling a little confused.

Now for all of our new editions!

Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr – READING

You all know I love a good YouTuber book! Whilst a lot of this book is not relevant to me, such as all of the hair and make up tips, the rest of it I am enjoying immensely! I definitely want to try out some of the recipes in the ‘Baking’ chapter, and I’ve taken a few things from the ‘Confidence and Happiness’ chapter.

I also completely teared up reading the ‘Love’ section. Damnit, why do Tanya and Jim have to be SUCH an adorable couple.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne FrankTO READ

I actually bought this when visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam last year. It was a very intense, emotional experience, and I came away feeling like I just had to read this. I definitely do want to read it, though it hasn’t been a priority as I know so many feelings that I experienced in the museum will come back. This book just feels like something I must read, and I most definitely will sometime.

Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi by Rob Macgregor – READ

I’m usually not a big fan of books that tie into franchises from a different medium. However, I love Indiana Jones so much as to venture into one.

The writing of this book did leave a lot to be desired at times, seriously it was as subtle as a brick at times, let me read between the lines! However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t really enjoy reading this book, nor does it mean that I didn’t learn a lot either! That’s if the Greek mythology that this book is based on, is actual Greek mythology. Plus I just love adventure, and satisfying my ever so strong wanderlust via reading.

The ‘Bantam’ Indy book series is LONG, and I would like to read more of it sometime.

Serena by Ron Rash – TO READ

I bought this book a long time ago, when the film adaptation starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, was in it’s early days. The film was actually released last October in the UK, so I really have took my time with this one.

The story sounds interesting, I think this is something I will try to read in the next few weeks. I might start reading multiple books at once again!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – TO READ

I didn’t realise we had a copy of this book at home! I’ve borrowed it, as I have heard only incredible things about it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it possibly gave you a little bit of book inspiration!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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