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Lush Grease Lightning Review

Happy Monday, and happy new week! Also happy half-term to those of you who still get half-term! I’m definitely jealous of you if you do.

First of all, I need to apologize for missing a few days last week! I just didn’t get around to writing posts. I had them planned, so they’ll be going up at some point soon. This post was intended to be Friday’s, I rushed in the morning to take a few pictures on my phone, when I usually use a legit camera, but I ended up being quite busy for the rest of the day, and not making the post. So I could have faffed about and used my camera in the end. Oh well.

Also, this post is more appropriate now, as I cannot stop listening to the Grease soundtrack for some reason. What’s better to start the week with, than a Lush product named after one of Grease’s most famous songs?

Get this album playing, and keep reading

Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment £6.40/45g here

The first thing that might strike you about this, is that it’s pretty expensive for a small bottle. Which it is, so imagine how annoyed I was, when I dropped a bottle down the toilet, with the lid off!

If you click on the site, you can see how to use it.

Essentially, you just squeeze a bunch onto your hand

Ala this.

And dab it onto spots! It then dries, and dries up the spot whilst it’s at it. It works VERY fast and legitimately works. I’ve tried oh so many spot products- most haven’t worked for me, though this one does.

Although, it does sometimes dry flaky, and it looks like I have dry skin falling off of my face.

I use this once or twice a day, in the morning, and before bed. After washing my face with some sort of Bulldog face scrub/wash, so that it’s going on nice clean skin!

It’s also a month out of date. Does anyone stick by the Lush use by dates? I have a shower gel that went out of date in November, that I still use a lot. It was one of the Halloween limited edition ones, to illustrate just how long ago I bought it.

This product is a staple in my bathroom, I use it every single day, though I will sometimes skip a day or two to give my skin a break. It is expensive, but a bottle goes a long way. Just make sure you don’t drop it down the loo.

Plus, I don’t mind spending more if the product actually DOES something, rather than just sitting on my face.

Thanks for reading!

See you tomorrow, maybe, who knows. I’ll see you sometime in the week!

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