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The Walking Dead Season 5B Trailer

So yesterday the trailer for season 5 b of The Walking Dead dropped, watch it here:

We need to talk about this A LOT. First of all, AMC, why did you make the trailer US only and wait for others to make it available to us in the rest of the world? When we get the show less than 24 hours after the US, it seems bizarre that we can’t have the trailer.

And whilst this does just seem like a lot of promotional footage that we won’t see play out in the actual episode themselves, it’s still a great sneak peek of what’s to come, and it looks like there’s much more time on the road left for our survivors.

By the looks of Rick’s beard and Carol’s hair, there’s going to be a time skip between the mid-season finale and the return of the show.

And there are a few characters, Father Gabriel, Carl and Judith),missing from this trailer. Though when you think about it, the reason is obvious. Father Gabriel is pretty useless when killing walkers and using weapons, and so wouldn’t fit at all in this trailer (although Eugene is there!). Judith can’t do anything with, you know, being a baby and all, and someone needs to carry her around, and who better than her big brother. But does this mean Tyreese is off of babysitting duty? That seems to be his role in the group at the minute.

Also, I don’t think bullet shells dropping on a leaf covered forest floor make that noise. But I’ll let that slide.

Finally, it looks COLD. For once, is winter not being skipped over in a timeskip like it has been TWICE before, between seasons 2 and 3, and it seems like between season 3 and 4, it was winter. I’m assuming this as it was clearly autumn towards the end of season 3, and season 4 picks up in what I’m assuming is spring!

I cannot wait until February 9th when The Walking Dead returns to Fox in the UK, for you lucky devils in the US, you get it February 8th!

Let’s just hope AMC don’t spoil the entire world this time!

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